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#1 11 years ago

Do not trust all "System Requirements" for some games... Soldier of fortune payback's requirements is: RAM: 512Mb free ram. CPU: 2,5Ghz Intel or AMD. GPU: 256Mb ATI or Nvidia, Pixel/v.Shader 2.0 HDD: 2,3Gb free space.

thats not true, the real "requirements" are: RAM: over 400Mb free ram. CPU: 1,4 Ghz Intel or AMD. GPU: 128Mb (not recommended), or 256Mb ATI or Nvidia, Pixel/v.Shader 3.0 (with pixel/vertex shader 2.0, game is pink... hmm) HDD: ca 3,2Gb Free space.

so dont always trust the "system requirements" that you find online or on the dvd/cd case. for more information, e-mail me at: [email][/email]