SoF PB Single player cheats? -1 reply

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9th June 2005

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#1 12 years ago

Im gonna ask the same thing Conquest351 did seems he was turned away and his topic locked. However ill be a bit more specific. Is there any single player cheats found yet? I know mp cheats are not sapported here, (for good reasons) but dam whats the harm in talking bout Single player cheats. :( You guys do host sof2 sp cheats on sof2files so you can host them but not talk of them?:rolleyes: Please dont feel im trying to attack anybody but i do think thats a bit odd, or maybe Conquest351 was mis under stood?


read the Forum Law at the top of the page, Rule #4 is a good one.


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#2 12 years ago

Well we don't know what he meant so I guess moderators took the best disiccions here. But I agree with you that singleplayer cheats are not wrong (you only 'spoil' the game for yourself). With multiplayer cheats you spoil the game for everyone that's the big difference and this is why I (and many else) hate those and help to keep those away from places like these. Singleplayer cheats are meant for testing and helping for developing in the first place.

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26th July 2005

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#3 12 years ago

There have been no single player cheats released. And even if there were we do not allow discussion of cheats at all. Soffiles may put them up if any are available but that does not mean we will allow talk of them here.