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#1 15 years ago

Hi everybody!

Well, first i will warn you: my english is not very good :D

Anyway, i need to know if somebody knows commands to type on CONSOLE to increase the performance during the game on-line. Maybe something to get ping down, or to make my MoH:SH run faster...

I already know commands like com_maxfps, and rate, but is there others?

Ah, of course this commands cant be considerated "cheats" by SW, Foresight...

Thanks for the help!



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23rd February 2004

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#2 15 years ago

Some stuff I posted in the MOH: Problems & Errors FAQ

FAQProblem 5: I seem to have a lag in my game is there anything I can do to fix it? - To fix: Yes, you can adjust your fps (frames per second) in the console:

How To - Display Your FPS: 1. Display the console 2. Type "fps 1" without the quotes. 3. Type "fps 0" without the quotes, to turn it off.

How To - Cap Your FPS (click for more info): 1. Display the console 2. Type "com_maxfps ##" without the quotes. ## max fps.

How To - Display The Lagometer (click for more info) 1. Display the console 2. Type "cg_lagometer 1" without the quotes. 3. Type "cg_lagometer 1" without the quotes, turn to it off.

Adjust Your Rate To Avoid Lag: The following is only for DSL, Cable, or higher bandwidth connections. Do not follow these instructions if you are connecting at a lower bandwidth The default rate settings for cable and DSL (20000 or 50000) are much too high for the current client/server setups.

How To - Adjust Your Rate: 1. Display the console 2. Type "rate 10000" without the quotes - that's 4 zeros. 3. To monitor network performance dynamically, see using lag meter.

Hope this helps.