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16th January 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hi im offering my services to those who want training I have a privit server so that if you need to train 1 on 1 you can also there will be more than one trianer so you can get one than one idea of how to fight!

my services for staff: Staff is what I use the most and I would be happy to teach it to you

my services for two sabers: My second best I can teach you to art of combat in this area to but if you need more trining in this area I know someone who can help you

my services for single saber: I can teach the blue and yellow styles ok but red stance im not that good with but, im not the only trainer so dont worrie

I would be happy to teach you all the art of combat contact me at: AIM: turck168 MSN: [email=""][/email] e-mail: [email=""][/email] gamespy name: {MSC}[Gen]turck in game name: {Kott}Revan{SC}