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I am Fleet Admiral Peers, commanding officer and founder of the SPARTAN VANGUARD, more commonly known online and around Gamespy as the Eleventh Fleet (-11thFleet-). I have been invited here by a good friend of mine to christine this forum with the first Recruiting Thread. So with the honor and pride of the Fleet, I hereby open this subforum of Armada2Files.com.

The Eleventh Fleet is a rapidly growing organization who's roots and traditions may be found long before the release of the Original Armada. We were a small organization back in those days, one wreathed in honor and tradition, however with the release of Armada II, the Eleventh Fleet has entered upon its maturity and begun to leave its mark and extend its traditions to others. We have retained and trained some of the finest commanding officers to be had. Our Skills and Officers are well respected throughout, and new recruits flock to our banner. So I am here to extend that invitation to all whom desire to do so.

We will not however simply take "anyone." We expect brawn, intelligence, and keen military mind. You must know your command interface well and be able to respond to directives. You must also know the rudamentary definitions pertaining to the game and your way around the menus. Though knowing all these does not mean you are an knowledgable player, it does however set the foundation for rudamentary and later on advanced tactical and strategic training. At this level we simply enlist you as a Cadet. If you are an Advanced Command Officer, we will conduct an examination of your command skills and from their rank you accordingly within our ranks. Anyone is welcome to apply for officership. Making the cut is a different matter, but if you wish to be apart of an organization of the finest individuals I have had the honor of serving with, the Eleventh Fleet is such an organization.

"To the Federation and her defense we commit ourselves. So that future generations, might enjoy security and peace."

For more detailed information pertaining the fleet visit SPARTAN COMMAND, our home and headquarters, at....

http://www.spartan-command.com http://www.11thFleet.cjb.net

Also, you may usually find one of our officers within gamespy durring most hours of the day.

"Brothers! We move into battle to save the lives of our comrades and families, our friends and loved ones. May honor and glory see you through the next few hours. Your courage... Your strength, save you again. SPARTAN VANGUARD! HO!!!!"