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5th August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

well here is the links www.geocities.com/starbase176 and acess the STARBASE 176 in the nav Bar (the changing colors decisioner of where to go) www.starbase176.com we are a online clan and the only modder in there is me wee are a small clan hoping to get bigger we accept any1 u can just join in an instant just pm for what the rank will be (of course by that u will have to do a battle etc) just Yahoo Instat Message me Starbase176 --my YIM name or e-mail me [email="startrekarmada2@mailblocks.com"]startrekarmada2@mailblocks.com[/email] [email="admin@starbase176"]admin@starbase176[/email] :) Live Long and Prosper:)