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7th January 2006

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#11 11 years ago
the Starfleet Kid;4022350Yeah, I'll get right on that.... next weekend sometime. :nodding:

Three weeks later.... and this puppy works.

It actually works best in either Instant Action or Fed campaign missions, where the fog's on and the shroud's on at the same time. The cloaked shuttle goes in to find what the artillery ship wants it to point at and blow up. Then it's gone a few later.

The problem, however, is stupid AI. Like any good AI wouldn't do, any enemy ship that figures out within a few scant moments that, hey, something's shooting the base up! is suddenly and magically locked onto your artillery ship and hell bent for vengeance.

Best way around this is a picket screen. Y'know, just like real guided missile cruisers would have.

I had a LOT of fun with this-- I replaced the stock Akira with it and played the Along the Neutral Zone mission.... couldn't touch the Romulans, I'm afraid (maybe with a phase cloak next time?) but the Borg were simplicity itself to take out. It was like I was hurlin' spitballs and starting fires with them.

....oh, I tweaked the ordnance .ODF some since that last one I posted. So now it's more along the lines of what you'd expect an Omega particle to do.

Put this one into your game just as I posted her, but be warned-- if you turn the shroud/fog off, you'll negate the effect and sincerely wish you hadn't!


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