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12th January 2008

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#1 10 years ago

How to make a green explosion when a Borg ship is destroyed?:assimilate:


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3rd February 2007

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#2 10 years ago

That may be in the explosion sprite file but I don't know what the change would be.


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18th January 2004

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#3 10 years ago

A ships explosion is defined in its odf (or in by #include) by the line fireball = "xfireblg" or whatever the explosion is.

And in that file there is the line dbName = "xplode" that is the SOD of the actual explosion its self which you could change or there is the shockwave defined by the line shockwave = "xshock"

And in that file you have the line texture = "wselfdes" which defines the texture (supprisingly).

There you go hope that helps


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7th May 2008

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#4 10 years ago

To make it green, you will need a new explosion texture - open xcritical01.tga and change its hue to green. Save it as a new tga with a logical name like xgreen.tga.

Then you'll need to go into explosion.spr and define a new explosion sprite node. Look at the existing node structure for how to do this - basically duplicate what's there. I'll try to detail it

There will be a line:

bigorange Xcritical01 0 0 32 32 @anim=tex4x4_1.1 which defines first the name of the sprite, the name of the texture, then the flipbook sizes and then the type of texture animation. Copy the line and change the texture name to whichever you edited. Change the sprite name "bigorange" to something like "greenexplosion", this is used to refer to the sprite later.

There will be a later line as well:

@sprite_node critical1 bigorange explode1.1 (40,40) (1,1,1) billboard Again, copy this. It lists the sprite node name, the sprite to use for it, the animation, the size of the sprite node (in brackets) and the colors. Billboard just means it always faces the camera. You will need to change "bigorange" to whatever you used in place of "greenexplosion" above, and "critical1" to again, something logical like "expgreen"

Then you'll need a new sod file with the new explosion sprite node defined. No idea how to do it in ms3d, but in max you simply create a point with name "s_yourspritenodenamehere". Export.

Then do as S-whatever (:P) says and look in the explosion file itself - change dbName to whatever you named the SOD. As he says, you can also change the shockwave texture to make that green as well.

This is really easier than it sounds :P.


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29th August 2006

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#5 10 years ago

If you make a green version of every texture in A2, and make there spite name the same lenght as the normal versions, then open the SODS, in a binary editer, and find each normal nodename, and replace the text with the green version. WARNING: If the names aren't identical in length the new SOD will not work, as it will throw off the offsets, which I can't tell you how to edit. I know this works I've done it my self not with explosions, with ships.