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#1 13 years ago

Hi to all I am a member of the Borg Wars Mod Team for Half Life 2, and we are currently looking for people to help out. Technical Wise - We require the following: Programmer - Minimum 2 required, maximum 4. (Must be familiar with C++ & Half-Life 2 SOURCE. Works closely with Team Management) Texture Artist - Minimum 2 required. (Must be familiar with Game Textures. Works closely with the Mapping and Modelling Department) Concept Artist - Minimum 3 required, maximum 6. (Must be familiar with Blueprint & Schematic Drawings - Knowledge of Game Enviroment Layout is highly recommended) Character Modeler - Minimum 1 required, maximum 3. (Human & Aliens) (Must be familiar a professional Graphic Suite (Maya, 3DMax, SoftImage XSI) - Works closely together with the Mapping, Texturing and Concept Department). Item Modeler - Minimum 1 required, maximum 5. (Guns, Ammo, etc) (Same as above) Object Animator - Minimum 1 required. (Works closely together with the Modelling Department) Character Animator - Minimum 2 required. (Same as above) Mapper - Minimum 1 required, maximum 2. (SOURCE) (Must be familiar with Half-Life 2 Editing (Hammer, etc) - Works closely together with the Texture and Modelling Department) Writer - Optional, maximum 2. (Must be familiar with Star Trek! Works closely with Team Management & Concept Artist) Team Management Assistant - Optional, maximum 1. [color=black]Check us out at[/color] :D

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#2 13 years ago

Hmmmmm, advertising for a Half Life 2 mod on an ARMADA 2 forum. Man, I'm glad this wasn't done on AFC.......