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6th October 2005

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#61 14 years ago
wraith_shadow;3313328Also, Lord_Trekie, ever think that it might be because of the lighting that your textures are lighter then what you want them to be? Just a thought.

Aye, but the texture "color" changed inbetween when I applied the textures and after I exported it as a SOD file, It may just be the lighting, you are correct, but I won't know until I try some stuff.


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19th October 2004

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#62 14 years ago
Chiletrek;3313230Hello: I myself have a few time trying to moddeling for Armada2 (and Armada1 eventually), and I always been amazed by the work people like you DS can make. The Citadel is great and like I said "I thought it would have at least the double of poly-count", because it's very well done, my hope is to learn how to model something with that quality.

Same here man. I remember when I started with modelling last year. I'm not much better now than I was then. lol. DS has really pulled all this off very nicely!:bows: