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#1 9 years ago

Has anyone messed with these parameters much? Take the stock cube for instance, it had damagebase=270, damagevariance=2 so 268 to 272 damage per hit, damagethreshold=25 (which is pointless because every shot does over 25 damage and that's why all stock ships died so quickly, it's like they had a great idea with this but implemented it terribly.)

Then shieldCrewModifier=.2 and hullCrewModifier=.1 which is 20% and 10% respectively, correct? Why have 20% of the crew die with each shield hit? Wouldn't it have been better to say damagevariance=5 and damagethreshold=270, 271 or 272? That way you get good damage but not necessarily kill crew with every hit and your ships don't die in 5 seconds, and maybe the shield/hull modifiers maybe .001 for 1% and .10 for 10% respectively?

I'm just making sure I understand this in setting up my game the way I want it.


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#2 9 years ago

That's not quite how the crew modifier commands work :)

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So, a damage of 250 and a crew modifier of 0.2 would give you 50% crew loss on that ship.