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13th November 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Ok. I've taken a step back and thought to myself: Ships...refits...research...secondary build pods...weapons engineering??? Altogether, this could create a very versatile system...or can it? My first question: 1) How many "buildpods" listings can you have on say the fed. upgrade station, for example: buildItem = x secondaryBuildItem = x thridBuildItem = x/tertiaryBuildItem = x How far can that go? ------ Next issue. Weapons. people want to upgrade their phasers, thats simple then surely? Can this work: Give one ship, two weapons, for example Mk. 1 and Mk.2. The ship is armed with both of them. It fires the Mk. 1 with the level 2 upgrade pod and fires the Mk. 2 with the level 3. My question: 2) Does the above actually work? Can you have 2 weapons, that, actually do get refitted at each level by knocking the previous one of? So, you could have photon torpedoes at this stage, then, upgrade to quantums? ------ Well, if the above works for weapons...can it work for ships? For example, i have the Akira class. I have the Kombi class refit. 3) Can I have the Akira as a standard ship, then, at a certain research interval, the Akira disappears from the build list and is replaced by its refit, the Kombi? ------ You can have level 3 pods, but, is there anything stopping you form creating an additional research station, and have say level 4 or 5 pods and repeating the same thing? 4) Is the above additional pods/per station idea doable? ------ I hope somebody can answer these questions, thank you :)

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7th August 2002

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#2 14 years ago

1) 14 research pods per research station in Armada 2. Upgrade stations are another matter. To my knowledge theres only 2 levels of buttons available (level 1 is default anyway), but best thing here is experiment.

2) Unknown, or hasn't been confirmed/tested by another party. Again experiment. Although the problem may arise with regards to the tech tree setup.

3) Not that I'm aware of, although anything seems to be possible within reason.

4) Maybe, maybe not.

To my knowledge (although anyone can prove me wrong if they wish), non of what propose has been done to any high degree.


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19th October 2004

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#3 14 years ago

These are your build commands for Upgrade Stations: buildItem secondaryBuildItem reserveItem I haven't tested the reserveItem yet. I will do that soon.