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#1 11 years ago

My computer used to be kicka$$ until my ex downloaded a bunch of viri, thus the "ex" status, but he'd also install Armada and Armada II for me, and on my own, I'd downloaded some maps, after I kicked him out of course, and then proceeded to make fun of him because on the crappy computer he had to use in his grandma's basement, he couldn't download any maps. Now that I have sent my cpu to my brother for reformatting, it sucks. He deleted my A drive, which is unrelated, but irritating. Anyway, I downloaded some maps from, and opened the folders and put the bzn files into the bzn folder, but the maps aren't there when I try to play Instant Action. Since I didn't initially install Armada II on my cpu, I'm not sure if there was something he did that I didn't. Do I need to download a patch, or something, before I can download and use the map packs? thanks!


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#2 11 years ago

Also, now, when I play the Instant Action, everything is BIGGER than when I played it before my brother "fixed" my computer. Anyone know what the cause of that could be? Like the M class planets are huge! I scroll out to make as much of the map area visible at any given time, but it's still way different than it was before....



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#3 11 years ago

Yes you need the patch, its always the first thing you download for any game. Star Trek: Armada II Patch 1.1, Star Trek: Armada 2 Downloads, Star Trek: Armada 2 Patches