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8th July 2008

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#11 9 years ago

The model is good so far, but I fail to see how 3532 are in there, even with the nacelles newly done with less polies.

AS FOR THE TEXTURES: I would have thought anyone knew these, but I suppose not so many people take in interest in ENT or just don't look at Ex-Astris-Scientia that often. In fact these are the schematics taken directly from the CGI model of the show, put online for example by Doug Drexler on his page (the guy who made the CGI Enterprise NX 01 and many other ships for the show). They are also put out for display on EAS like I said, and FourMadMen.com. - they are definately not from another mod!

I also had the same idea, putting these screens as background into the modeling program to get the proportions right an then to use them as textures. I would advise you to do the pylon and warp nacelle of one side and then to duplicate and shift to the other side to be symmetrical. Good luck and hope to see your result soon ^^.

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