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14th July 2004

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#21 12 years ago
Avon;3523339:rolleyes: You're right of course, it was an Akira. But who's to say how big an Akira is?[/quote]Well... Looking at charts, most sites have the Akira slightly shorter than an Exceslior. I'm guessing the Akira in that episode is right, they've just gone and got the Defiants wrong (again).
Majest;3524443Problem with a lot of CGI ships these days, they usually get the scaling wrong. Have a look at some stargate episode to see what I mean.
:lol: Aye, the Daedalus keeps changing size. [quote=Majest;3524443]I say Ash, just go with your best judgement, I will be happy with that as I am sure most people who download the mod will be.