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24th April 2003

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#1 11 years ago

Figured I would start a thread for the express purpose of mod development, and a title to match :) The original thread (with all the good back-and-forth banter and how-to information) is here:

Original Thread

Premise Freespace and it's sequel, Freespace 2, were some of the best space flight sims of their day. Packed full of arresting visuals, an epic storyline, and rock-solid gameplay mechanics, it was a universe I fell in love with. In the mid 00s I took over development on the Freespace mod from a gentleman who'se name I do not recall :) Personal life forced me to drop development in relatively short order, but now I'm back and intend to finish the thing.

The Freespace 2 community has taken it upon themselves to revamp the engine of the original game and upgrade it for today's graphics and sound hardware. This mod will use (with permission) a combination of their work, as well as assets from the original Freespace 2 game.

Gameplay - All games (Instant Action and Multiplayer) will start you off with a few basic ships and a jump node (essentially an indestructible, captureable station). - The jump node (your original one and/or any you've captured) is your side's lifeline to the battlefield. From any controlled jump node, you can request additional forces or otherwise communicate to your fleet's HQ on the other side. Lose control of all your jump nodes, and you're essentially done (unless you can win with what forces you have left!). - Jump nodes can be captured using a sufficient number of capital ships to blockade the node. Alternately, each side has a method to close a jump node permanently (but be warned, you might have to sacrifice part of your fleet to do it!). - "Research" is done via the jump node by escalating the engagement. Each engagement starts out as a Reconnaissance Mission and can escalate all the way to a full-scale Major Conflict. Each level of engagement, Command will provide you the ability to request assistance from more advanced/capable ships. - Some maps are in nebula clouds that disrupt sensors and require a shift in strategy to win in!

The Factions GTA (Galactic Terran Alliance) The GTA is your standard "human" side. They have some extremely effective fighters and bombers. Most of their larger capital ships are carriers, with a lesser emphasis on anti-capital ship firepower.

GTI (Galactic Terran Intelligance) A rogue faction of the GTA, the GTI is the remnant of the disbanded intelligence organization (also called GTI) and the leftovers of the Neo-Terran Front (NTF) Rebellion. They've rebuilt their forces, and are out for blood. They use many of the same ships as the GTA, however most of what they have are prototypes or versions with advanced technology. There's also rumor that the GTI is experimenting with Shivan technology...

Vasudans The Vasudans are the first alien race encountered by the Terrans. Although at war with each other for a number of years, the Vasudans and Terrans made peace during the first Shivan encounter. What the Vasudans lack in shield technology, they make up for with heavily-armored hulls. Most of their ships look like flying bricks, but don't let appearances deceive you... Vasudan ships are fast and deadly.

Shivans Even after several disastrous encounters, the Shivans are still a complete enigma to the Terrans and Vasudans. What do they want? Only the Shivans know for sure. The Shivans field the most advanced technology of any of the races, particularly in the area of ship shielding. Their capital ships are extremely deadly when facing them head on, but lose their effectiveness when engaged from the rear or the side arcs.

The Ships Fighters Fighters are fast and armed with strong primary weapons banks (lasers). They are extremely capable at protecting bombers and capital ships from other fighters and bombers.

Bombers Bombers are slow and armed with strong secondary weapon banks (missiles/torpedoes). They are geared toward engaging and destroying enemy capital ships when bringing in friendly capital ships is neither practical nor safe.

AWACS Although possessing little in the way of armor or defenses, these ships are critical to engagements in nebula maps where their huge sensor range is irreplaceable. Their enhanced sensors are also the only way to spot stealth fighters/bombers.

Cruisers Not armored enough to engage their larger cousins in a stand-up fight, and not armed well enough to adequately defend against fighter swarms, the one advantage cruisers have is that they are cheaper to field than large capital ships.

Corvettes Much stronger than any type of cruiser, corvettes can defend themselves equally against fighters, bombers, and capital ships. They can also carry a small number of fighters/bombers.

Destroyers True capital ships, destroyers dominate any battlefield they enter. Capable of laying out a tremendous amount of anti-fighter/bomber and anti-capital firepower, along with their sizable hangars full of fighters/bombers, destroyers are well-deserving of respect.

Juggernauts/SuperDestroyers Behemoths, these multi-kilometer-long monstrosities carry incalculable firepower onto the battlefield at tremendous cost to any side that fields them into an engagement. Their cavernous hangar bays carry hundreds of fighters, and their beam weapons are capable of atomizing entire fleets in moments. Engage with caution.


I've created a basic gameplay video showing 2 Fenris Cruisers on the hunt (my first YouTube video! :D):

I hope to do more of these as the mod progresses in development, as they're so much better than screenshots at illustrating things.

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#2 11 years ago

Dam those weapon sounds are wicked, but the the vids a bit dark.

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5th February 2005

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#3 11 years ago

Dark is good, lighting and weapon effects show up a lot more and it looks better. The problem is simply that of resolution; we're looking at a vid at maybe 300x200, where the smallest option in the game is 800x600 and most people play it at 1024x1280. Betcha it looks a lot better ingame. :)


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24th April 2003

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#4 11 years ago

I was playing on somewhat of a dark map. Seems to be endemic to all the FO maps.

You can also view the video in 720p HD, which definitely helps.

Working on the ship physics now. There's no point in having capital ships if they duck and weave like giant fighters. Going to use some modified versions of the physics from SW:FC, which worked decently well for large, slow ships.


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#5 11 years ago