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14th July 2004

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#1 10 years ago

Well, I figure the title to this thread is pretty self explanatory. I'm on a hunt for a Goa'uld voiceover, for myself. I would do one myself, but I don't have a Mic unfortunately. The request is a personal one, it isn't something I plan on releasing, just something to play about with ingame. I've thought about extracting various ones from the shows, but they either don't provide enough, or they mention their names. I don't want one that is a known Goa'uld (no Apophis, Ba'al, Anubis etc). I'm just after a 'standard' Goa'uld System Lord voiceover. I can provide a script (of sorts) to anyone who is willing or able to take up this task. :) I thank those that reply in advance.