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#11 9 years ago

Okay, the Probe Special Weapon is working... working great. I just moved where I put the weapons.spr text and everything came online.

The probe already came with Tachyon Detection, so I'm going to create some clones without detection and with greater range at varying costs. I do like the idea of giving the Luna little in the way of weapons and a lot in the way of sensor technology.

I'll also want to keep any probes with Tachyon Detection from going to unexplored space. It's not much of a tactical weapon, but it still seems wrong to send a stealth-revealer into an enemy camp.

What I need help with is, I can't use the probe on unexplored space, and I would love to have non-Tachyon probes go right into the enemy's stronghold (provided they can also be destroyed); can anyone help me out with that?

If I could, I would make the probes destroyable by enemy fire-- easy to destroy with phasers, almost impossible to hit with Photons. Any ideas on how to do that?

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