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14th January 2008

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#1 11 years ago

i'm makeing this thread to show my support of the improved single player campain project created by thunderfoot006. i hope that anyone else who liked the mod will post a comment here and show there support as well. the mod is great and adds a new level of gameplay to the single player campaign.

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5th February 2005

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#2 11 years ago

I take it that the AI eat you alive then? =p


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#3 11 years ago

Mike, I truly do appreciate the public support. Thank you. However, ImpSpCam was and is a team effort. I got lucky and had some really good ideas. Achilles' AIPs were what inspired me in the first place to think about making the SP Campaign more challenging. The team included Starfox and Dark Energy, who did most of the play testing. And I hounded both of them mercilessly for better ideas and suggestions. Freyr came up with tons of advice on making better AIPS. He also made his AIPs far nastier than the initial ones I did. Starfleet Kid had a lot to do with the final product being polished and presentable. He also filled in part time as a play tester as well. Whenever he was held down in front of his computer, that is. Even after so long, hearing the phrase 'Extra Spicy' causes him to break out in a sweat and twitch uncontrollably. :p

I got a lot of the credit for the mod, but all I really did was implement other people's excellent suggestions and tie them together. As you can see from the listing of world class talent above, it would be hard for such a product to fail. But since it is not FleetOps and does not have tons of Starfleet GodShips, I do not think a lot of people are interested. This is not sour grapes. Just goes to show I guessed inaccurately about what most of the Community wants in a mod when I decided to share what I like with others. Some members of the Community are interested and will continue to be so. These people have my gratitude for appreciating the hard work and effort the ImpSPCam Team put forth.

Somewhere around here on one of my flash drives, is a complete Borg SP Campaign. It is very rough and not nearly as challenging as I like. As soon as I can locate it Mike, I will email you a copy.


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1st April 2006

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#4 11 years ago

You have done amazing work thunderfoot, perhaps I might tee you up to do a campaign for the original series mod we are working on at some point. ;)