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25th January 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Ok i sort of Ran in to another road block, another brick wall, my mod is finally taking shape, but i have this latinum stuff leftover and im trying figure out what to do with it. Federation doesn't use latinum in the TV show neithor does kilingons not mention rolmulans. Yet in this game federation use it to by resource from (?), but no body uses it to by resource unless their force to, their almost never a need for it. So i can't make up my mind what to do with it. I have few ideas what do with it: I was thinking all races could use it bye mercenaries like Ferengi, They could use it to bye ships, they could use it to create special ship and station or research? I would like to turn it in to new resource Titanium/Supplies? At the same time i just want to remove it. I could also go away from realism and make it were the federtion use it pay for crew? Also i could make it a friengy resource only.

What do you think i should do with it? Any and all help would be appreciated, how do i make a new resource? Also is it possible to make planet generate latinum instead of crew?


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18th July 2006

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#2 14 years ago

I like the idea of buying Ferengi mercenaries, their Maurader-class ships have been shown onscreen to be pretty strong... could be done by configuring the trading station to build it, with the only resource used being latinum. Also for purchasing metal and dilithium you could redo the buttons to include a Ferengi picture, can also probably edit the .odfs to read "Buy Dilithium from Ferengi" as opposed to just "Buy Dilithium." I'm not sure how to make a new resource, but there's one included in Yacuzza's space transformation pack, check it out, might help you a bit in that regard.

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13th November 2004

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#3 14 years ago

I had it set as "anti-matter" as a third resource. The advantages: Federation ships need a lot of this (balanced with their other lower costs). Klingon ships will need more than the Feds (big guns to power). Romulans use a different device on their large craft, so give the smaller ones none of this cost to resource BUT the larger cruisers have this, adn quite hefty. Cardassians would be average. Borg, would presume their engines are far too sophisticated and wouldn't need it. Sp8472 come from another universe and thus, cannot use anti-matter. Could do something like that :)


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1st April 2006

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#4 14 years ago

Excellent idea Joel.

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31st July 2006

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#5 14 years ago

I Made A Ferengi Maruader Mod Where Its Hired From The Cardassion Star Base For Latim But It Woudnt Be With In Federetion Protercall To Hire Mesoeries And It Wouldnt Be Hounrable For The Klingons The Roumlans Are To Secrative The Borg Just Asmallate So I Think The Best Thing Would To Make Latium Mineable For The Ferengi And Carassions Only Or Just Delete It Completly

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5th February 2005

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#6 14 years ago

One thing you can do is stop anything from mining it and then set the starting resources to something like 1, then use that so you can build a singular hero ship which can't be rebuilt if its destroyed.

You can also do the same with Biomatter, which lets you have two seperate ships/stations that can be built "uniquely" (like the Enterprise & Excelsior) without the inherent problems of using the officer limit.


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18th September 2006

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#7 14 years ago

[color=red]Please do not try and "hijack" the thread. Unless you have something relavant to the topic at hand, please do not post it, especially as you had already made a new thread about the matter. J7[/color]


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10th June 2005

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#8 14 years ago

Good suggestion, Freyr.