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#1 11 years ago

Just a quick rule for all people to follow.

If you have a mod up on the forums that either has not recieved permission from the original author or has no readme for creditation with it, the links/attachments will be cut after 3 days.

This basically means, if you want to send a beta over the forums, with links or what not, or any other mod file that does not follow the above rule, perhaps for testing, it gives you 3 days to send it to the person so they can get it and review it. This restricts other people from getting at work that is un-credited, but gives you the benefit of the doubt. Should the link/attachment have a readme to go with it, but not the file itself, the file will be legitimate and allowed.

I do however ask that after the links are cut, users do not persist in asking for links or handing out links to people who 'missed out'. It is not fair on people's work who is being used that is essentially being passed around without permission or credits. In short, it follows the principle same rules as on ArmadaFiles it self.

If you have any issues, please do PM me. Thank you.

Note: Threads with these up which are active and still in use are not excluded from this, in stead, their 3 days will start from now. This post will be deleted in 72 hours.