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8th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago


Got a bit of a problem. I have to many races to fit on the map editor menu, so I tried to make my own sub-menu i.e e_allraces.odf and that way I would have all races under one place. But when I enter one of the races for example "federation" none of their catagorys are there i.e ef_ncomb.odf, ef_rstat.odf and so on. can anyone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help.


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4th December 2003

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#2 16 years ago

I do the same thing with lots of planets so what you need to do is simply use one slot in the editmenu.odf to direct to a submenu. Here's what I did to list more planets: menuName1 = "e_fed.odf" menuName2 = "e_kling.odf" menuName3 = "e_rom.odf" menuName4 = "e_borg.odf" menuName5 = "e_card.odf" menuName6 = "e_8472.odf" menuName7 = "e_bre.odf" menuName8 = "e_dom.odf" menuName9 = "e_races.odf" menuName10 = "e_mapobj.odf" menuName11 = "e_planet.odf" menuName12 = "e_planet1.odf"

You could call your file e_xtrarace.odf

e_planet1 has this in it:

menuTitle = "More Planets" buildItem1 = "ep_named11.odf" buildItem2 = "ep_named12.odf" buildItem3 = "ep_named13.odf" buildItem4 = "ep_named14.odf"

Then ep_namedxx.odf lists 12 more planets. In your case you'd have races' mapedit files listed.


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10th March 2003

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#3 16 years ago

I think you can only have a maximum of 2 or 3 "layers" of menus and an (obvious) maximum of 12 "F" button options.

In my set up I have some races sharing menus.


"Dominion, Breen & Sona" - [same level as "federation"] i "Dominion ..."etc - [ship/station menus, 4 entries total] "Breen ...." etc - [ship/station menus, 4 entries total] "Sona ..." etc - [ship/station menus, 4 entries total]

Thats the maximum of 12 options! With that setup you can have 3 races on the same menu! Also don't forget that this menu system has some "empty" menus which can be removed/relocated to free up some space (I think the planet menu is one)

I sugest you keep the "other race" ship/station menus as they are usefull when testing new additions without having to add them to a race.