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26th August 2005

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#1 13 years ago

My friend Matt is finished his mod called Last outpost . Story is about federation and Dominion (second dominion war in 2380). He presents many new ships for federation, some is his production some he add to mod. for Federation : Galaxy III class by Miko Armagedon class by Matt Akira refit class by Matt Sovergin X class by Daniels (new upgrades) Avenger class by seaquest Protector class by Matt Class III shipyard by Matt New orleans(refit) class by Matt Avatar class by Matt Rouge class by Miko Darius upgrade station by Matt,Miko for Dominion: Type II jem'hadar fighter by Matt Type III jem'hadar fighter by Matt uprade version of weyoun cruiser by Miko new starbase by mEgaman for Cardassian: Bakrus class by takeshi Hideki II type by Matt staryards by Matt, takeshi for Romulans: Vecor class scout by Miko + plus 2 maps for 8 players "Sezmic gate" and Fusion gas Gigant" by seaquest. This small mod is 15mb big . Matt says that this mod is finished and he publised this mod soon mybe tomorrow . In this mod he made his own textures for all ships what is he produced. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION ABOUT MY MODS(MODS BY SEAQUEST) OPERATION REVENGER, AND T'KIHIN'HIVE WAR JUST WRITE ME IN FORUM OR CONTACT ME ON And i answer to all question.