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13th July 2004

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#101 12 years ago

Looking forward to it. :)


slouching toward nirvana

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18th July 2006

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#102 12 years ago

Bah, my job sucks.

Right, my Son'a idea isn't going to work without a new .sod file to replace the one used by the Ion Storm special weapon. If anyone has the ability to help me out with an animated .sod, please let me know. Coding wise it's straightened out... still gotta tweak the torp and pulse textures to look more like distorted space.

More work's been put in on the Excalibur class, both the textures and a slight adjustment to the model(got rid of the nacelle fins, I hate them). Still have to finish hardpointing it's little brother then see if I can scrounge up some wireframes for 'em...

Drinking time, pretty pictures will be up tomorrow afternoon.