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26th August 2005

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#1 13 years ago

I just rellease my new mod "T'kihin'hive war" for armada II this mod have couple of new things. New race :T'kihin'hive FEDERATION: Conspiry class Ambasador class Refitet DS9 New mining station Sovergin X class Regula class ROMULAN: Hawk class DOMINION: Super battleship jem'hadar refit fighter CARDASSIA: Danar class Hutet class KLINGON: Bird of glory Bird of blood Predator class Ru'nac'ha class cruiser and have 1 chapter "Ruins of canodhor" and 2 maps for 6 players : "Recrutting" , "Under Sight" size of this mini mod is 25mb I release in filefront this mod for couple days , i must make new textures for new units and that is that. I think you enjoy this mod , this is one of my mods not of my team. :uhm: