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29th August 2006

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#1 14 years ago

I need help installing new ships. I have unzipped the file, but I do not know where it goes. My PC refuses to open the STAII database. I think that is where I should place the file(??).


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4th December 2003

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#2 14 years ago

What do you mean your PC won't open the database? Just click on my computer icon and get to the Armada folder. In the main folder are all the folders with titles equal to the files for downloaded ships like ODF, SOD, TEXTURES/RGB. Standard Windowz things like Notepad or Wordpad will open most of the files if you want to edit them. Just don't forget to back up any files before you edit them!

All files go in the folders as per the file extensions. Like say your ship is called the Yutz. You'll have yutz.odf that goes in the ODF folder, yutz.sod goes in the SOD folder and yutz.tga goes in TEXTURES/RGB. The TGA files could have a different name than yutz and there could be multiple files.

The files you'll have to edit are the tech level files with extensions .TT found in the TECHTREE folder and probably the gui_global.spr in the SPRITES folder.

If the accompanying readme file with the ship you downloaded doesn't have full install instructions you should not proceed really.