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16th April 2006

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#1 13 years ago

Whilst in the process of developing my current MOD, I think I have come across an interesting idea. Basicly, on online conquest based on Armada 2 where users would register and start a conquest against computer players and human players alike. It would feature a vast world map(consisting of quadrants) which when first starting, you could select a sector and start a base. You would select a race and start off with a certain limit of the number of units you could control, of which would increase with victories. You would also gain extra resource bonuses as more and more victories are acquired. The point would be to become the most poweful influence and own commander points. Of which you could voucher for special ships depending on your race. You could enter other sectors and attack others bases. Enter vacant ones and expand your empire. Or just start a nuetral base as traders. Of course such a game like this would recquire numerous servers and alot of development. I don't have any means of creating this but perhaps I should go to someone who could. Any Ideas?