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#1 13 years ago

Hi all, this is my thread-starting debut on this particlar forum, so greetings. I've been brewing up some cool new ideas for a fantastic new mod. However, when I looked around for some of the raw materials I'd need, ie. an abundance of ships, stations etc, I soon realised that the kind of stuff I needed simply doesn't exist yet - therefore, the logical solution was for me to learn how to produce it myself. So...I downloaded MS3D, registered, and set to creating my first model - a TOS Constitution Class. The end result was pretty good, for a first effort. Unfortunately tho, the only textures I had access to (without requesting permissions) were a pretty poor set that were attached to Westworld's BBOM. So, now we come to the real point of this post... I'm not much of an artist, and textures are something I'm really going to need if my ideas are going to take off. I don't want to give away too much about what my Mod will be like, but suffice to say it'll completely change the dynamics of the game, and add several whole new elements to gameplay. So what I'm looking for is people who can provide me with/produce for me some quality hi-res textures, or tell me where to look/who to talk to. I've been a bit of a fringe-member to this community so far, but hopefully from here on in I'll be able to get a bit more involved. To start with, I'll need a decent Constitution Class texture to complete my first attempt, and then I'll need a variety of textures as and when a model nears completion - for future reference tho, my Mod will be mostly TOS/TMP based, tho I'm considering expanding it to TNG also - it depends how much more work that'll mean. Cheers for now, - Thunder


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#2 13 years ago

As texture artists are what one would classify as a high demand, low denisty occupation. It is one thing to learn to model for quite something different to learn to texture, nevertheless it can be done with time and practice. Give the "Texture Tutorial by Wrath of Achilles" a read and see if that helps.;33431


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11th May 2006

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#3 13 years ago

I agree and my man sometimes the texture can be produced by 2d pics of your ships all you have to do is make a and or the model shitch to front view or top view (while in wire frame) (best) and press print screen open paintshop and fool around witha base texture color theme your loking for then add the minor color specs dust off the rough draft with a little metalic look or dusty look which i prefer and once you got your first draft try googling ships online then use some idea themes for use in making the final place the texture on your ship and if it is still not what you want try adding the various effects that come with paintshop

go ahead try it look forward to seeing you come up with your first texture

by the way there is one other cheap way of making textures that a little less hands on and more reliant on others all you have to do is find a texture for a ship you like and modify it but rember if your going to release it get a hold of the author as he or she is the sole owner of such texture and needs to be credited!