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#1 14 years ago

Ok. I've been looking but I cant find it.. anyone please let me know where I could download a program that would let me make my own models for ships for Armanda 1 .. perfer 1, if there is nothing for it, then 2 would be fine... anyrate- i cant find any program that will let me load in ships so i could edit what they look like or build my own... any url to a program that would do this or where i can find this would be nice, please dont just say "go look" because I've looked... and i can not find it. or if you just could send me something that will let me make ships that would be great too... thanks!!

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#2 14 years ago

Is my first choice. MS3d is basically a dedicated low poly 3d creation tool. Both myself and Phantom use this for both model making and texture application. There are, as you may know, several good tutorials here, and on AFC website. Milkshape is also quite cheap (around $25 dollars to register and make a copy fully working), but I would suggest getting a version around 1.6.5 as the later versions may or may not work with the necessary plugins.

Alternatively, you could try 3dmax studio (much more expensive but carries a hell of alot more functions. Its also more suited to the high poly CGI stuff you may have seen other people creating).

Others are, Maya 3d, Blender, Lightwave, GMAX. but these tend to not have any kind of SOD conversion plugin available.


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#3 14 years ago

Although, I am in the initial research stages of making a SOD converter for blender. I have no idea when it would be finished, though.