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27th July 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Okay, first things first, I have downloaded probably every map ever placed on this site. I am throughly disgusted, I am really sry to say this i have tried to give them all a chance, but ....... So i wish to make a proposal, I will make all the new maps for your site. I have 38 maps total and they are really good. I say this not bassed on my opinion i say this because whenever i go into the lobby for a2, 1/2 the games use my maps. They are as follows: pro.WazSup Series(Probably the most overplayed map ever,No advantage races and no free recources. -1v1 -1v2 -1v3 -2v2 -2v3 -2v4 -3v3 -3v4 -3v5 -4v4 pro.WazSup offside series(The origional WazSup map with 1 dillithium moon closer favoring rush races. -1v1 -1v2 -1v3 -2v2 -2v3 -2v4 -3v3 -3v4 -3v5 -4v4 pro.The_Desert Series(Very low resource map based off of the "Steam Iron'Iron' maps.) -2v2 -3v3 -4v4 pro.The_Alamo Series(Another low resource map series that is designed to be played with no advance shipyard.) pro.trading map pro.federation assault pro.romulan assault pro.cardassian assault pro.borg assault pro.species 8472 assault pro.Plz...Don't Jew Me!!! map(An alliance /FFA map) If you would like the entire self extracting "Zip" file plz inform me. I wish this to be open and available for public download. No offence meant for those whom make the maps for your site, but this is now necessary. thx and i hope noone takes this the wrong way.