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USS Helena

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19th February 2006

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#1 13 years ago

After the collapse of the cardassian empire and the klingon invasion overwhelmingly succeeding with the assistance of the other alpha quadrant powers, the Klingon empires started to turn its eyes to a more tenious target like the Federation, The Federation has now formed an alliance with the Romulan empire, thanks to the efforts of Captain Riker of the USS Titan ,Armada 2 prepares to launch. Prepare to hold on to the braces of your bow as the once united Alpha Quadrant alliances slogh it out, who will be the victor? you decide in Star Trek Armada 2: Wars in Paradise hey people, im pleased to anounch WIP for armada 2 along with it being in BC i am making it for armada 2 and small chance, 1 , anyway i need to put together a team for armada 2 as my friends dont have armada, only bc so if your interested in helping then please email me [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] or go to and go to forum, just click the button, no registration required and write alittle not to me :D anyway who's helping then :D sc_steam.jpg USS_Helena, Wars in Paradise Creator.



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16th April 2006

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#2 13 years ago

I like the MOD, yes. But with the increasing number of MODs being introduced, I have noticed the same basic ideas. Races suddenly targeting other races they would otherwise be allies with is getting kind of old to me. Nontheless, you have my full support. I am busy with a Mod of my own at the time but I can offer a website for free on (My site that hosts mods and gives them a section on the forum) It could be, unless you prefer a different name. Good Luck:)


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2nd April 2006

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#3 13 years ago

If you want a Bridge Commander section/forums, please feel free to visit my site as it offers sections for mods of all games.

I like the idea, except the Klingons wouldn't turn against the Federation. I think a new race that takes over the Cardassians like the Breen would be more believable. ;)