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#1 15 years ago

I'm trying to create an assault map that is a "random minimal", i.e. the races are random and each player starts with 0 resources, 2 construction ships and a Starbase.

For all races apart from 8472 you can choose the starting resources but the 8472 resource settings in the map editor are "ghosted" out.

Any ideas on how to get the 8472 resources down to 0 as well? It has been done before on assault maps..the ones that spring to mind are TS-1_JAKE_FFA's "The First Working Random Minimal" and "Sacrifice of Angels Random Minimal".

I'm trying to get this to work on multiplayer mode btw. I have attached the above mentioned maps if you want to have a look at them to determine what makes them so special.

This has eluded me for soooo long. Any help will be greatly appreciated! :)

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#2 15 years ago

Easy, open up a map thats already got it working (like the ones you have attached) delete everything, make your map and then save it as something else.

Not the most elegent of solutions, but it works.


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#3 15 years ago

hey freyr, long time buddy.

I've already been given this option but forgot to mention it.

Are there any other alternatives to this? I mean how did the original person do it? There must be a way!!