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25th October 2006

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#1 12 years ago

ok i downloaded the HUGE 600+ map pack and i saw a couple different SoA maps in it, but neither of them really match up with what the episode was. SO i was wondering if someone could build a Map that was more true to the largest fleet battle in the history of star trek.

Heres' my idea. and this will require some mods (Dominon race to be installed) and a few new ships(miranda and Excelsior) and stations. (DS9 with ship building capabilities). -Large map, (something on the Warzone scale maybe bigger) dominon fleet ( as many ships as you can use with maxing out officer limit) Federation fleet with approxamately half as many ships. Nwo since i know we cant have 1254 dominon ships and over 600 fed ships on the screen it will be scaled down to probably 150-200 dominon and 75-100 federation ships. -Both teams will start lined up 1/3 of the way out from the south west (federation start point) and north east (dominion start point) corners. -Behind the dominion fleet in the north east corner would be a Derelict (no crew but still fully functional when crewed) Deep space 9. -The goal of the federation fleet is to get a Ship to Deep space 9 and transport some crew onto the station to power it up so that reinforcements can be made to finish off what will be left of the dominion fleet (because there will be some ships left) as the federation forces will be outnumbered 2:1 and the fleet it self will probably not last more then 5 minutes (especially the rate at which ships go down after taking fire from multiple ships).

now i dont know exactly how well this would run with that many ships all engaging in combat at the same time. but since there will only be a few celelstial bodys on the map ( a mutara nebula between the dominion fleet and DS9 and a few scattered latinum nebulas) im hoping that even my computer (which is proably one of the slowest in exsistance 600mhz amd) will be able to run it without crashing.

im hoping other people have some ideas about this and would like to contribute. as i think this would be a great map for a quick game (should last more then an hour).

Heres some things i was thinking about - Do we give the Dominion fleet construction ships that will immediately try to get to a predetermined starting point (more then likely the SW corner of the map) so that they can also start building reinforcements to take on Ds9 assuming the Federation fleet even makes it there? -Do we start said construction ships in the middle of the fleet or behind it so that while the battle is raging they are moving through the middle of it, hoping to not be come the target of the fed ships that are already engaged in combat with the larger dominion ships. -is there a way to start the game with fleets already assigned? so it will be much easier to micromanage the ships as they begin to engage each other for special weapons usage? - can you make the AI (if you are playing dominion your self) WANT to get to Ds9 to activate it. if not would it be easier to make two maps, when as you are playing dominion DS9 is already up and operating and the AI is already building reinforcements.

all these things are stuff that Modders will know if possible. im personally guessing the things that im looking to do wouldnt be that hard, except for messing with the AI. but i know nothign of the game engine or how it functions which is why i posted this on here.

feel free to add comments or suggestions. if you think this idea sucks or is totally unfeasable tell me and i will gladly accept that. if you love the idea and want to help me get it underway even better.

thanks for reading.