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#31 11 years ago

lol try some of the Imperial ship names... Exsanguinator... Serpent's Smile... Razor's Kiss... Blood Gutter...

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#32 11 years ago
Chief_Chainsaw;4938928lol try some of the Imperial ship names... Exsanguinator... Serpent's Smile... Razor's Kiss... Blood Gutter...

Razor's Kiss is a great one. Death's Head is also a pretty good one. Gotta love the Lusankya and the Chimaera though. :cool:


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After finding the new registries included in the Physics project, I decided to do a little homework and improve the ones listed as well as create some new ones for the ships I consider ‘modern era’ in my Federation campaigns – Scout (nee Venture), Defiant, Nova, Norway, Steamrunner, Saber, Intrepid, Interceptor, Achilles, Prometheus, Akira, Luna, Sovereign, Excalibur, Arie (nee Raven) and Acquiescent.

I created a database and purged duplicate registries and ships and pulled in a lot of names from a renaming project, as well as pulling actual Starship names from Ships with dubious histories got their names reassigned to small support crafts, like trade ships, mining freighters, and cargo haulers. I also made all the registries... except redux names... registries in the 90000's.

This is the result.

Spoiler: Show

ACHILLES Nothing particularly complex here. I chose names that seemed to fit a cruiser. "USS Merrimack NCC-81827-A" "USS Examiner NCC-91213" "USS Ordeal NCC-91242" "USS Starlight-NCC 91254" "USS Musket NCC-91296" "USS Monastic NCC-91302" "USS Sharp NCC-91339" "USS Venezuela NCC-91423" "USS Partisan NCC-91445" "USS Regular NCC-91594" "USS Kensington NCC-91830" "USS Bennington NCC-91833" "USS Redoubt NCC-91839" "USS Ascension NCC-91847" "USS Lexington NCC-91852" "USS Nocturnal NCC-91950" "USS Buffer NCC-92687" "USS Luminos NCC-92801" "USS Resolute NCC-97606" "USS Taurus NCC-90383"


The Acquiescent is a deceptively small carrier. It bears similarities to the Akira, so I gave it half of the Akira names.

"USS Admirable NCC-91004" "USS Charybdis NCC-91005" "USS Cheetah NCC-91008" "USS Pegasus NCC-91115" "USS Tenacious NCC-91125" "USS Lewis NCC-91550" "USS Prospero NCC-91802" "USS Aquarius NCC-91811" "USS Owens NCC-91894" "USS Euphrosyne NCC-92621" "USS Ambush NCC-93054" "USS Nathan Hale NCC-93302" "USS Charger NCC-93646" "USS Sprint NCC-93677" "USS Nautilus NCC-91910" "USS Morningstar NCC-93575" "USS Relentless NCC-93917" "USS Fidelus NCC-95125" "USS Trimble NCC-95556" "USS Albedo NCC-95584"


I originally turned this from being a good support ship into being a large military cargo ship, but since Dan retextured it I'm thinking I'm gonna need to add on more of these.

"USS Mercury NCC-91000" "USS Marathon NCC-91017" "USS Hood NCC 42296-A" "USS Lakota NCC-42768-C" "USS Griffin NCC-91106" "USS Nelson NCC-91345" "USS Ardent NCC-93843" "USS Rabin NCC-90125"


In my mod, the Aerie is an actual scout ship instead of the 'curious sitting duck' the Scout is. It is eventually equipped with the Incursion sensor-faker.

"SS Déjà Vu NAC-90385" "SS Dharma NAC-90621" "SS Heinlein NAC-4536-D" "SS Bradbury NAC-54737-C" "SS Halfling NAC-93110" "SS Sasayaki NAC-93146" "SS Mystery NAC-93241" "SS Caspars NAC-98885"

AKIRA There are some Kurosawa references in here. "USS Alliance NCC-91315" "USS Faithful NCC-92024" "USS Windtalker NCC-92083" "USS Horizon NCC-97125" "USS Taishi NCC-92122" "USS Shikarubeki NCC-92291" "USS Houshou NCC-92303" "USS Taiho NCC-92464" "USS Hitsuzenteki NCC-92773" "USS Magna Carta NCC-92808" "USS Sentry NCC-93303" "USS Kage-Ryu NCC-95445" "USS America NCC-96875" "USS Rashamon NCC-93547" "USS Columbia NCC-93636" "USS Blish NCC-93145" "USS Yojimbo NCC-93863" "USS Corsair NCC-94009" "USS Arcadia NCC-94536" "USS Victory NCC-99754" "USS Kagemusha NCC-94820" "USS Fury NCC-94951" "USS Guardian NCC-95283" "USS Kamehameha NCC-95945"

CARGO I created enough to give myself two types of Federation cargo ships (three if you count the Aegian). "SS Trump NAC-90698" "SS Monopoly NAC-91773" "SS Market Crown NAC-97972" "SS Solitaire NAC-98258" "SS Consortium NAC-95373" "SS Barter NAC-96556" "SS Latinum Flyer NAC-98744" "SS Canard NAC-97994"

"SS Escrow NAC-90443" "SS Inspiration NAC-92086" "SS Babylonian NAC-90192" "SS Acquisition NAC-97582" "SS Free Trade NAC-99511" "SS Exchange NAC-92914" "SS Procter NAC-93213" "SS Rockefeller NAC-94779"

CENTURY "USS Fukanou NCC-93987" "USS Durruti NCC-97354" "USS Shieldbearer NCC-93002" "USS Schindler NCC-93267" "USS Mifune NCC-93481" "USS Stormwind NCC-93714" "USS Cabbatol NCC-91267" "USS Pugachev NCC-95339" "USS Peacekeeper NCC-93799" "USS Halo NCC-95050" "USS Vigil NCC-92995" "USS Draken NCC-94663" "USS Wilhelm NCC-99753" "USS Canopus NCC-98483" "USS Courage NCC-98623" "USS Hamburg NCC-90957" "USS Lima NCC-92517" "USS Monaco NCC-92584" "USS Andorra NCC-92593" "USS Minsk NCC-92604"


"USS Paramount SCE-93590" "USS Memorial SCE-93591" "USS Cassini SCE-93592" "USS Skybolt SCE-93593" "USS Dante SCE-93594" "USS Lagrange SCE-93595" "USS Endicott SCE-93596" "USS Epic SCE-94343" "USS Adamant SCE-94344" "USS Opportunity SCE-94636" "USS Matriarch SCE-94637" "USS Wangtan SCE-94732"

"USS Assembly SCE-95424" "USS Farrier SCE-95983" "USS Patrician SCE-95984" "USS Hejduk SCE-94350" "USS Meyers SCE-94351" "USS Calatravo SCE-94352" "USS Eisenmann SCE-94353" "USS Sullivan SCE-94354"

"USS Elliot SCE-94614" "USS Roddenberry SCE-94627" "USS Frost SCE-94628" "USS Genesis SCE-94630" "USS Malamed SCE-94632" "USS Moyes SCE-94634" "USS Berkeley SCE-94635"

"USS Highwayman SCE-94345" "USS Palmyrean SCE-94347" "USS Dreamer SCE-94349" "USS Repetition SCE-95985" "USS Cartel SCE-95986" "USS Labyrinth SCE-95987" "USS Universal SCE-95989" "USS Seaman SCE-95990" "USS Ravine SCE-95993" "USS Industrious SCE-95997" "USS Architect SCE-94723" "USS Aberdeen SCE-94949"

DEFIANT "USS Piranha NCC-90178" "USS Spur NCC-90250" "USS Reproach NCC-91018" "USS Hurricane NCC-99189" "USS Man-o-War NCC-92054" "USS Gauntlet NCC-93004" "USS Pleiades NCC-94069" "USS Wolverine NCC-94210" "USS Pretoria NCC-95884" "USS Newcastle NCC-96001" "USS Spitfire NCC-98559" "USS Matador NCC-98614" "USS Sao Paulo NCC-96358" "USS Hamburg NCC-97497" "USS Relentless NCC-97677" "USS Kingfisher NCC-97914" "USS Barracuda NCC-97945" "USS Irenicus NCC-98005" "USS Odessa NCC-98387" "USS Havoc NCC-98397"

EXCALIBUR These ships are all named after superswords in literature. "USS Durendal NCC-90060" "USS Tyrfing NCC-90106" "USS Nothung NCC-90109" "USS Andúril NCC-97574" "USS Callandor NCC-97583" "USS Albion NCC-97586" "USS Mistilteinn NCC-97598" "USS Mimung NCC-97713" "USS Glamdring NCC-98009" "USS Longinus NCC-98074" "USS Kusanagi NCC-98569" "USS Green Destiny NCC-98610" "USS Gram NCC-99214" "USS Glaive NCC-99493" "USS Orcrist NCC-99520" "USS Dainsleif NCC-99866"

HERO SHIPS "USS Achilles NX-91200" "USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C" "USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A" "USS Enterprise NCC-1701" "USS Defiant NCC-74205" "USS Avenger NCC-74850" "USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B" "USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D" "USS Voyager NCC-74656" "USS Interceptor NX 78000" "USS Titan NCC-80102" "USS Premonition NX-90000" "USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E" "USS Incursion NX-93012"

INTERCEPTOR I've been using the Interceptor class as my Marine ship. "USS Holliday NCC-4936-E" "USS Ajax NCC-11574-B" "USS Javert NCC-98590" "USS Bunker Hill NCC-98591" "USS Paladin NCC-98592" "USS Shawshank NCC-98593" "USS Volunteer NCC-98596" "USS Ness NCC-98703" "USS Attica NCC-98770" "USS Cromwell NCC-99037" "USS Earp NCC-99038" "USS Buran NCC-99655" "USS Ordinance NCC-99701" "USS Longshanks NCC-99764" "USS Regulator NCC-99769" "USS Sparta NCC-92978" "USS Eclipse NCC-96642" "USS Copenhagen NCC-96729" "USS Testimony NCC-96733" "USS Entente NCC-97448" "USS Saskatoon NAC-99727" "USS Capable NCC-97940" "USS Crazy Horse NCC-50446-C" "USS Pacific NCC-94621" "USS San Jacinto NCC 97979" "USS Deinonychus NCC 98001" "USS Colt NCC 98558" "USS Cora NCC 98605"

INTREPID "USS Tripoli NCC-19386-A" "USS Meudon NCC-90597" "USS Sirius NCC-90879" "USS Jakov Eusev NCC-90900" "USS Sun Tzu NCC-91251" "USS Fra Mauro NCC-92521" "USS Roosevelt NCC-92573" "USS Africa NCC-93606" "USS Abrams NCC-94629" "USS Malefica NCC-94676" "USS Seattle NCC-94821" "USS Cologne NCC-95428" "USS Bachelor NCC-95793" "USS Malstrom NCC-95824" "USS Sojourner NCC-99975" "USS Lancer NCC-98808" "USS Mount Gravis NCC-96619" "USS Italy NCC-96646" "USS Pandora NCC-96667" "USS Caprice NCC-99334"

ISTANBUL I set the Istanbul up as a towing repair ship. "USS Acrux NAC-90764" "USS Hamburg NAC-90957" "USS Zenith NAC-91003" "USS Clemens NAC-91174" "USS Chor'Koth NAC-91338" "USS Adara NAC-92417" "USS Ascella NAC-92626" "USS T'plana-Hath NAC-93376" "USS Sanctuary NAC-93881" "USS Altair NAC-94057" "USS Campbell NAC-95357" "USS Arcturus NAC-95768" "USS Arneb NAC-96772" "USS Exultant NAC-97913" "USS Hanoi NAC-98089" "USS Verona NAC-98434" "USS Miami NAC-96159" "USS Saginaw NAC-96234" "USS Cobalt NAC-96369" "USS McGhee NAC-96417"

LUNA "USS Miranda NCC-1833-D" "USS Ariel NCC-2667-B" "USS Leeds NCC-60352-A" "USS Hera NCC-62006-A" "USS Kyushu NCC-65491-A" "USS Ulysses NCC-66808-A" "USS Phobos NCC-90105" "USS Deimos NCC-90107" "USS Dactyl NCC-90111" "USS Dysnomia NCC-90129" "USS Europa NCC-90152" "USS Ganymede NCC-90163" "USS Callisto NCC 90183" "USS Io NCC-90196" "USS Mimas NCC-90199" "USS Phoebe NCC-90208" "USS Enceladus NCC-90215" "USS Tethys NCC-90228" "USS Dione NCC-90232" "USS Rhea NCC-90245" "USS Hyperion NCC-90257" "USS Iapetus NCC-90263" "USS Puck NCC-90282" "USS Umbriel NCC-90291" "USS Titania NCC-90296" "USS Oberon NCC-90317" "USS Triton NCC-90466" "USS Nereid NCC-90592" "USS Charon NCC-90638" "USS Proteus NCC-90845"

McMILLAN I still don't have a means of doing a diplomatic ship, but when I do, I'm dropping the McMillan class in. "USS Fate NCC-93039" "USS Ellison NCC-93088" "USS Hefner NCC-93144" "USS Obama NCC-90556" "USS Savok NCC-93242" "USS Spock NCC-98098" "USS Arabica NCC-95525" "USS Brisbane NCC-99908" "USS Victoria NCC-95101" "USS Perth NCC-97565" "USS Concepción NCC-95124" "USS Gaia FAC-98386" "USS Troodon NCC-98159" "USS Advocate NCC-98267" "USS Voluminous NCC-98337" "USS Kissinger NCC-98442" "USS MacDaniel NCC-96550" "USS Thomas NCC-96628" "USS Lunsford NCC-96708" "USS Birmingham NCC-96835" "USS Orange Park NCC-97789" "USS San Marco NCC-97809" "USS Conrad NCC-98713" "USS Cumulus NCC-98875"

NORWAY "USS Rodan NCC-90189" "USS Corvinus NCC-90794" "USS Agrippa NCC-90881" "USS Karr NCC-91432" "USS Mentor NCC-91776" "USS Blakely NCC-92946" "USS Palace NCC-93681" "USS Mohawk NCC-94212" "USS Starburst NCC-94808" "USS De Niro NCC-95057" "USS Galleon NCC-96384" "USS Lineman NCC-97671" "USS Silver Star NCC-98449" "USS Tarawa NCC-99030" "USS Helix NCC-99521" "USS Destiny NCC-99895" "USS Watkins NCC-95714" "USS Demarco NCC-95885" "USS Sanford NCC-95959" "USS Mills NCC-96007"

NOVA "USS Fletcher NCC-90227" "USS Tokugawa NCC-90559" "USS Jacksonville NCC-92835" "USS Habersham NCC-92894" "USS Köda NCC-92953" "USS Crimea NCC-93628" "USS Nobunaga NCC-94497" "USS San Antonio NCC-95126" "USS Marfa NCC-96222" "USS Trinidad NCC-95127" "USS Santiago NCC-95128" "USS Bravery NCC-96594" "USS Seoul NCC-95353" "USS Pago Pago NCC-95481" "USS Star NCC-95506" "USS Cook NCC-95616" "USS San Diego NCC-97336" "USS Stacatto NCC-98049" "USS Doggett NCC-98768" "USS Nobel NCC-55012-A"

OLYMPIC Named for Nobel winners, doctors, or science innovators who saved lives. "USS Gandhi NCC-26632-A" "USS Nightingale NCC-90707" "USS Fauchard NCC-91443" "USS Favaloro NCC-92831" "USS Francoise Barre NCC-93340" "USS Schweitzer NCC-93492" "USS Vesalius NCC-94228" "USS Charles R. Drew NCC-94605" "USS Lister NCC-95393" "USS Edward Jenner NCC-95724" "USS Taussig NCC-96005" "USS Alfred Blalock NCC-97076" "USS Vivien Thomas NCC-98922" "USS Virginia Apgar NCC-99333" "USS Ben Carson NCC-99449" "USS Curie NCC-99587" "USS Osaka NCC-95162" "USS Vladivostok NCC-95224" "USS Battery NCC-96944" "USS Kendall NCC-97007"

PROMETHEUS "USS Monitor NCC-61826-A" "USS Tiberius NCC-64437-A" "USS Magellan NCC-71111-A" "USS Safeguard NCC-98117" "USS Endeavour NCC-71805-A" "USS Fortunato NCC-77777-A" "USS Repulse NCC-92544" "USS Phoenix NCC-94056" "USS De Moto NCC-94924" "USS Oppenheimer NCC-94995" "USS Ctesibius NCC-95883" "USS Maiman NCC-95964" "USS Garth NCC-97008" "USS Severance NCC-97123" "USS Osirus NCC-97231" "USS Manhattan NCC-98050" "USS Ambuscade NCC-97462" "USS Patronus NCC-97575" "USS Callinicus NCC 97808" "USS Fieser NCC-97869"

SABER "USS Jakarta NCC-90019" "USS Kuala Lumpur NCC-90108" "USS Singapore NCC-92175" "USS Lisbon NCC-92176" "USS Saint Etienne NCC-92177" "USS Maine NCC-93334" "USS Lejeune NCC-93335" "USS Panther NCC-93336" "USS Puller NCC-93337" "USS Roswell NCC-93338" "USS Strasbourg NCC-93429" "USS Nantes NCC-93430" "USS Belfast NCC-93432" "USS Reykjavik NCC-93434" "USS Sacramento NCC-93435" "USS Winnipeg NCC-93436" "USS Vancouver NCC-93438" "USS Khartoum NCC-95663" "USS Nairobi NCC-95665" "USS Lagos NCC-95667" "USS Kinshasa NCC-95668" "USS Bodley NCC-96311" "USS Edson NCC-96355" "USS Suez NCC-96357" "USS Guantanamo NCC-96363" "USS Falcon NCC-96377" "USS Schilt NCC-96388" "USS Grissom NCC-42857-A"

SCOUT "USS Gatekeeper NCC-90008" "USS Eureka NCC-90073" "USS Hegemony NCC-91214" "USS Honduras NCC-92008" "USS Madivikhia NCC-93045" "USS Tuskeegee NCC-93737" "USS Prague NCC-94064" "USS Mach NCC-94471" "USS Vega NCC-95026" "USS Kresta NCC-95090" "USS Bounty NCC-95229" "USS Cheron NCC-95239" "USS Sidewinder NCC-95305" "USS Revere NCC-95595" "USS Sedan NCC-95809" "USS Seneca NCC-95946" "USS Terrier NCC-96161" "USS Tracer NCC-96187" "USS Laurent NCC-96408" "USS Leutner NCC-97831" "USS Fiscus NCC-98026" "USS Nichter NCC-98389" "USS Caravelle NCC-99123" "USS Carlson NCC-96399" "USS Sankt Gallen NCC-98526" "USS Naples NCC-98528" "USS Madrid NCC-98530" "USS Branch NCC-94743" "USS Adelaide NCC-93433" "USS Wildwood NCC-93572" "USS Keynes NCC-93661" "USS Thorncliffe NCC-93747" "USS Grigny NCC-93883" "USS Zhuhai NCC-93939" "USS Thibodaux NCC-94004" "USS Dunaharaszti NCC-94182" "USS Blue Ash NCC-94277" "USS Jakarta NCC-94334" "USS Hermoso NCC-94444" "USS Atlantic NCC-94545"

SOVEREIGN "USS Gettysburg NCC-3890-C" "USS Majestic NCC-31060-A" "USS Livingston NCC-34099-A" "USS Melbourne NCC-62043-A" "USS Drake NCC-70956-A" "USS Challenger NCC-71099-A" "USS Yamato NCC-71807-A" "USS Odyssey NCC-71832-A" "USS Republic NCC-91371" "USS Democracy NCC-91667" "USS Alexandra NCC-92647" "USS Okinawa NCC-93958" "USS Regent NCC-94234" "USS Monarch NCC-94267" "USS Regal NCC-94333" "USS Royale NCC-94412" "USS Imperial NCC-94446" "USS Avatar NCC-94482" "USS Olympia NCC-94493" "USS Integrity NCC-94575" "USS Archangel NCC-94583" "USS Statesman NCC-96309" "USS Justice NCC-94957" "USS Grandeur NCC-95056" "USS Sentinel NCC-95088" "USS Splendour NCC-95117" "USS Pharaoh NCC-95120" "USS Empress NCC-95132" "USS Gideon NCC-95238" "USS Prophet NCC-95256" "USS Divine NCC-95282" "USS Valiant NCC-95418" "USS Endurance NCC-95457" "USS Noble NCC-95535" "USS Wisdom NCC-95835" "USS Atlas NCC-95878" "USS Emperor NCC-95907" "USS Regency NCC-95917" "USS Khitomer NCC-95939" "USS Sultan NCC-95952"

STEAMRUNNER "USS Fredrickson NCC-42111-A" "USS Kearsage NCC-57566-A" "USS Yorktown NCC-61137-A" "USS Horatio NCC-90532" "USS Truefire NCC-90537" "USS Slava NCC-90558" "USS Decatur NCC-90674" "USS Waters NCC-91144" "USS Knox NCC-91156" "USS Ironclad NCC-91628" "USS Leyte NCC-9299" "USS Rabin NCC-93414" "USS Dauphin Royale NCC-95674" "USS Iron Horse NCC-96110" "USS Richelieu NCC-96666" "USS Boxer NCC-96743" "USS Shangri La NCC-97226" "USS Cimmeron NCC-97228" "USS Bordeaux NCC-98097" "USS Protegé NCC-98613"

SYDNEY "USS Pisces FAC-2455-F" "USS Indigenous FAC-3643-C" "USS Lalo FAC-43837-A" "USS Tellus FAC-90438" "USS Parthenon FAC-90459" "USS Temple FAC-91462" "USS Donna FAC-92050" "USS Terraformer FAC-92489" "USS Planetary FAC-93775" "USS Colonius FAC-94026" "USS Perilla FAC-96703" "USS Refugee FAC-96808" "USS Zodiac FAC-97345" "USS Corydon FAC-99413" "USS Nina FAC-93046" "USS Clemenceau FAC-99141" "USS Pinta FAC-93047" "USS Santa Maria FAC-93048" "USS Squatter FAC-99606" "USS Corydon FAC-99413"


VALYKYRIE PEREGRINE JAVELIN I decided to make a two letter, three number call sign for fighters and to spell out the letters in the NATO phonetic alphabet. "Alfa Charlie Six Seven Two AC-672" "Alfa Hotel Niner Three Two AH-932" "Alfa Mike One Seven Niner AM-179" "Alfa Oscar One Two Seven AO-127" "Alfa Oscar Niner Niner One AO-991" "Alfa Papa Three One Four AP-314" "Alfa Romeo Two Two Six AR-226" "Alfa Romeo Four Six Three AR-463" "Alfa Sierra Two Eight Niner AS-289" "Alfa Victor One Niner Two AV-192" "Alfa Victor One Niner Eight AV-198" "Alfa Whiskey Niner Zero Six AW-906" "Alfa Yankee Five Niner Three AY-593" "Alfa Zulu Three One Eight AZ-318" "Alfa Zulu Seven Three Eight AZ-738" "Bravo Alfa Eight Three Niner BA-839" "Bravo Echo Eight Niner Three BE-893" "Bravo Golf Three One Niner BG-319" "Bravo Juliet Three Niner Three BJ-393" "Bravo Juliet Seven Niner Eight BJ-798" "Bravo Tango Two Seven Four BT-274" "Bravo Tango Niner Six One BT-961" "Bravo Victor Niner Two Zero BV-920" "Bravo Yankee Three Five One BY-351" "Charlie Bravo One Five Five CB-155" "Charlie Bravo Two One Niner CB-319" "Charlie Bravo Niner Five Zero CB-950" "Charlie Delta Two Eight One CD-281" "Charlie Echo Niner Three Five CE-935" "Charlie Golf Three Four Five CG-345" "Charlie Oscar Niner Five Two CO-952" "Charlie Romeo One Three Two CR-132" "Charlie Sierra Seven Five Three CS-753" "Charlie Tango One Six Four CT-164" "Charlie Yankee Seven One Three CY-713" "Charlie Zulu Five Niner Two CZ-592" "Charlie Zulu Niner One Three CZ-913" "Delta Alfa Seven One Niner DA-719" "Delta Bravo Three Niner Three DB-393" "Delta India Four Three Two DI-432" "Delta Romeo One Seven Four DR-174" "Echo Mike Five Three Three EM-533" "Echo Mike Six Seven One EM-671" "Echo Romeo Niner Six Four ER-964" "Echo Zulu Four Seven Two EZ-472" "Foxtrot Charlie Seven Niner Two FC-792" "Foxtrot Mike Three One One FM-311" "Foxtrot Tango Five Three One FT-531" "Foxtrot Yankee Six Four Six FY-646" "Golf Alfa Niner Two Six GA-926" "Golf Delta Niner Four Niner GD-949" "Golf Foxtrot Two Niner Four GF-294" "Golf Foxtrot Eight One Niner GF-819" "Golf Hotel Six Two Zero GH-620" "Golf Hotel Niner Eight Two GH-982" "Golf Sierra Three Five Six GS-356" "Golf Uniform One Five Two GU-152" "Golf Zulu Three Six Eight GZ-368" "Hotel Foxtrot Five One Seven HF-517" "Hotel India Six Six Three HI-663" "Hotel Oscar Five Four Three HO-543" "Hotel Quebec Three Niner Eight HQ-398" "India Charlie One Five Seven IC-157" "India Golf Zero Eight Eight IG-088" "India Romeo One Niner Four IR-194" "Juliet Alfa Two Four Five JA-245" "Juliet Romeo Three One Seven JR-317" "Juliet Sierra Two Five One JS-251" "Juliet Tango Four Five One JT-451" "Juliet Whiskey Five Niner Three JW-593" "Juliet X-ray Five Three Four JX-534" "Juliet X-ray Niner Two Three JX-923" "Kilo Bravo Four Six Four KB-464" "Lima Zulu Three Five Seven LZ-357" "Mike Bravo Five Niner Two MB-592" "Mike Lima Eight Eight Niner ML-889" "Mike X-ray Niner Five Two MX-952" "Mike Yankee Eight Eight Zero MY-880" "Mike Zulu Seven Eight One MZ-781" "November Charlie Niner Three Seven NC-937" "Oscar Mike Two Six Niner OM-269" "Oscar November Six Zero Niner ON-609" "Oscar Sierra Three Eight Niner OS-389" "Oscar Zulu Eight Niner Two OZ-892" "Papa Alfa Two Niner One PA-291" "Papa Charlie Niner Zero Niner PC-909" "Quebec Charlie Three Niner Eight QC-398" "Quebec Echo Six Niner Three QE-693" "Quebec Echo Eight Zero Niner QE-809" "Quebec Juliet Two Four Niner QJ-249" "Quebec Oscar Two Six Three QO-263" "Quebec Tango One Niner One QT-191" "Romeo Alfa Three Niner Six RA-396" "Romeo Bravo Five Eight One RB-581" "Romeo Bravo Niner Two Niner RB-929" "Romeo Charlie Niner Three Six RC-936" "Romeo Delta Niner Three Niner RD-939" "Romeo India Three One Niner RI-319" "Romeo India Eight Eight One RI-881" "Romeo Juliet Three Four Three RJ-343" "Romeo Juliet Niner One Four RJ-914" "Romeo Mike Six Six Two RM-662" "Romeo Zulu Niner Two Niner RZ-929" "Romeo Zulu Niner Niner Niner RZ-999" "Sierra Alfa Three Three Three SA-333" "Sierra Bravo Five Two One SB-521" "Sierra Bravo Niner One Niner SB-919" "Sierra Charlie Three Three One SC-331" "Sierra Golf Niner Five Two SG-952" "Sierra Mike Eight Four Zero SM-840" "Sierra Tango One Niner Two ST-192" "Sierra Uniform Niner One Four SU-914" "Sierra Whiskey Four Niner One SW-491" "Sierra Zulu Niner One Eight SZ-918" "Tango Alfa Two Zero Seven TA-207" "Tango Alfa Three Niner Four TA-394" "Tango Charlie Two Niner Two TC-292" "Tango Echo Four Niner Two TE-492" "Tango Foxtrot Two Two Two TF-222" "Tango Uniform Two Three Niner TU-239" "Tango Uniform Two Niner Niner TU-299" "Tango Yankee Niner One Niner TY-919" "Tango Zulu Seven Six Niner TZ-769" "Uniform Alfa One Five Niner UA-159" "Uniform Romeo Seven Niner Four UR-794" "Uniform X-ray Niner One Two UX-912" "Uniform Yankee Eight Niner One UY-891" "Victor India Niner Five Niner VI-959" "Victor Oscar Six Six Two VO-662" "Victor Romeo One Four Four VR-144" "Victor Romeo One Seven Niner VR-179" "Victor Sierra Five Two Three VS-523" "Whiskey Alfa Niner Three Three WA-933" "Whiskey Bravo Niner Six Five WB-965" "Whiskey Romeo Six Three One WR-631" "Whiskey Romeo Eight Niner Two WR-892" "Whiskey Tango Two Three Niner WT-239" "X-ray Alfa One Niner Two XA-192" "X-ray Alfa Five Four Four XA-544" "X-ray Golf Three Six Niner XG-369" "X-ray Golf Seven Three Six XG-736" "X-ray Quebec One Niner Seven XQ-197" "X-ray Tango Niner Eight Three XT-983" "X-ray Zulu Eight Two Four XZ-824" "Yankee Alfa Two Six Zero YA-260" "Yankee Golf Eight One Niner YG-819" "Yankee Juliet Two Niner Niner YJ-299" "Yankee Mike Niner Eight One YM-981" "Yankee Quebec One Three Five YQ-135" "Yankee Quebec Four Niner Four YQ-494" "Yankee Romeo Six One Seven YR-617" "Zulu Alfa One Five Three ZA-153" "X-ray Alfa Niner Two Three ZA-923" "Zulu Charlie Eight Niner Two ZC-892" "Zulu Charlie Niner Eight Two ZC-982" "Zulu Golf Niner Five One ZG-951" "Zulu Juliet Niner Three Eight ZJ-938" "Zulu Kilo Three Two Four ZK-324" "Zulu Quebec Two Niner Four ZQ-294" "Zulu Romeo Seven Zero Seven ZR-707" "Zulu Sierra Niner Zero One ZS-901" "Zulu Sierra Niner Six One ZS-961" "Zulu Uniform One Eight Two ZU-182" "Zulu Whiskey Two Niner One ZW-291" "Zulu X-ray Eight One Four ZX-814" "Zulu Yankee Two Zero Niner ZY-209"