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13th November 2004

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I pledge to you today about two lonely cousin ships who are in desperate need of texturing (and I think hardpointing) and wish for nothing more than a shiny new skin to go on their new body's. It seem's the mesh maker has given up hope of texturing these poor ships (only joking, but he wanted me to see if someone with better skills could have a go). I present to you the mesh's of the Convergence and Divergence class'. Convergence: 27.jpg 28.jpg 29.jpg Divergence: 24.jpg 25.jpg 26.jpg

The details follow below and I warn you, the one's I did are a wee bit long: Ship name: Convergence Classification: Explorer/Battleship

The USS Convergence prototype was constructed shortly after the completion of the Premonition project. It was seen that the Federaiton needed a capital ship that could take on the roles from the ever again Galaxy and Sovereign ships. Still, with the wars that had taken place, the engineers did not want to take a risk and made sure it could defend herself.

With no less then 12 quantum torpedo tubes (4 for, 3 port and star. and 2 aft) each with a good supply of torpedoes and numerous mk. 13 phaser arrays, the ship could defend herself well. Also covered in cm's thick of newly designed ablative armour re-designed from the Voyager incident, the ship, although not as powerful as the might of the Klingon Empire, it does it's job as being the ship most likely to carry the burden of flagship.

As an exploration ship though, it requires the best. With it being almost a km long, it boasts a crew of over 1000 with the capability to support many families and for numerous guests. An emergency evacuation limit of an impressive 5000 for long term relief (upto 8 months) and multiple large cargo bays. It also supports 2 heavily kitted out shuttlebays with a good complement of shuttles and specialised craft. In addition to this, its other servuces include numerous conference centre's for ambassaadirial support, science and research labs for evaluating newly discovered items, several transport pads across the ship, a newly enchanced medical bay complete with a prototype EMTH (Emergency Medical Team Holograms) and advanced sensors.

It's capabilities are almost unsurpassed with a impulse cruising speed of 10000km/h and a maximum warp time of 47 hours at warp 9.9995. Whilst this isn't as impressive as it's much smaller cousin the "Divergence", it has everything a ship needs.

The only downfall is it's size which allows for more damage spots, however, its sophisticated technology means fighting in a losing battle will be a rareity.

Ship name: Divergence Classification: Heavy Escort/Warship

Although much smaller than its bigger cousin ship the "Convergence", it's design allows it to do a varied fashion of things. Whilst it cannot boast the number of bays and transporters and crew (a mere 257), it packs a punch the enemy is not intended to predict!

Born out of the same concept as the Convergence, the engineer's took light to the aging of the Defiant class and although it was still potentially useful, it's decomissiong was becoming sooner and the engineer's had to steer the ship away fromt the original Convergence progect.

It's primary focus now is to escort larger capital ships, sometimes the older designs for safe guard. However, it is common to see a Divergence escorting a Convergence and in fact, in trainning simulations, the two ships as a pair performed magnificently in being able to take down a Dominion Battleship.

It's armament's include several Mk. 13 phaser array's and 4 forward firing Mk. 4.5 pulse phasers. To add ot this, it has a duel firing forward torpedo bay which enables it to fire quantum torpedoes, however its load of these is not high (76). It's shields are also not too strong but it's armour makes up for some of this. Still, if the ship has a large amount of fire on it, it will inevitably fall quite quickly. Still, it's speed more than makes up for this.

Being 6x more manouverable then the Convergence and a 45% manouverability increment over the Defiant, the Divbergence can acheive stunning 12500 km/h with ease and maintain a field of warp 9.9995 for 74 hours!

If anybody does want to do these they can PM or email me and I'll supply them with the rest of the, any takers?