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#1 9 years ago

Greetings, I am the Undying Nephalim. I have been modding A2 for many years now and feel my skill has developed enough to start on a mod idea that's been brewing in my head since 2001. I am capable of modding virtually every aspect of A2, everything from .odf's to interface and all your other basic terms used by other modders on these forums. Anywho, before I start talking too much about myself, here is mod I wish to acquire a team for:

Project Name - Sigma Project Description - Sigma is a total conversion of A2 that focuses on the development of five distinct races that are being designed to show what is capable of the Armada engine and to offer a unique play experience that differentiates itself from stock A2. All the races are being created to play differently from one another. One race for instance builds stations and ships like stock A2 races for traditionalists to pick up on, while another race focuses on rapidly expanding with tiny mobile bases. Once race 'summons' their structures rather then using constructor units to build their infrastructure. Another race focuses on a single Starbase and adding onto the central structure for a unique defensive feeling.

Project Website Address - Sigma

I am seeking to have a small development team, as my past experience with joining large teams resulted in those mods failing from the director being unable to handle so many people. I feel it is important to note that this will be a very small development team, no less then three people and potentially no more then five.

What I have for the mod (but still would appreciate assistance with): - The ability to edit all aspects of A2 including .odf's .AIP's, .spr's and .tt's. - I know how to use the A2 map editor and have made several maps for the popular "Fleet Operations" mod. - I am not the "best" artist in the world, but I can make concept art and consider myself a decent digital artist and can make ships and station designs. - The ability to make textures. - The ability to make GUI. - A music composer. Check out his awesome soundtrack for the mod: Sigma - Harmonics of War - MP3 Music Streams on IMEEM What I don't have for the mod and need: - A modeler who can create models in the .SOD format and texture them. I would make the models myself, however I still am not a proficient 3D modeler and don't have access to milkshake or any other program that can export as .SOD's. - The ability to make .bik files for cinematics. This is not a huge concern of mine at such an early stage of development but it would be no harm to have someone proficient in this area join the team.

If you are interested in the idea and the concepts posted on the website, please feel free to email me at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]


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17th April 2007

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#2 9 years ago

I must say this is pretty intriguing. Great plan, and not Trek races - something that makes me like this more. I particularly like the descriptions about all the races. Maybe if I can get some free time soon, I'll consider helping.. EDIT: Damn, listening to the soundtrack. Dude if this gets finished, I'd play it solely for the music =p Makes me more tempted to offer my skills that I haven't practised in a long time. lol. Considering it.. :lol: