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24th April 2003

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#1 14 years ago

To those who forget...


Yes, I finally caved in... I'm turning back to SW:FC to fix all the problems, to add as much as I can, and to make it as addictive and accurate as possible. I'll write more later, but here's the "official" announcement of "stuff".

Join the ongoing discussion about this... here.

I'll be happy to answer any questions anyone has. Please feel free to comment on any changes I'm proposing... as I want SW:FC 2.0 to be the best in every way. So... without further ado...

Star Wars: Fleet Command 2.0


- Remove all latinum/tibanna gas nebulas from maps - Remove ability to harvest latinum/tibanna gas - Remove shields entirely. Add shield value to hull value. Increase hull regeneration rate to compensate - Increase hitpoints of ship systems - Revise Platforms. Increase shields and weaponry. Review cost/build time - Revise Golan III Battlestations. Increase shields and weaponry. Review cost/build time - Revise All Turrets. Increase shields and review weaponry for possible changes. Review cost/build time - Platforms (and Battlestations?) will be able to slowly repair damage to nearby ships or stations - Add 40 Concussion missile launchers to VSD - Reduce Concussion missile damage vs. Capital ships and stations by 20% - Remove Centerpoint and Pulsar Stations - Increase regeneration rate of hero ships, reduce amount of damage done by weapons to them by 40% - Rescale most ships and stations to 75-50% of current scale. Rescale weapon graphics to compensate - Fix "Ferengi" and make more realistic - Change from building single fighters to building squadrons or 1/2 squadrons - Change current menu graphics to reflect that this is "Fleet Command" - Revise how crew is gained. A platform must sit above or near a planet to recruit alot of crew - Remove Hyperspace speed - Change fighter warheads to be the same range as fighter lasers/ions. All other warhead ranges remain the same - Equalize all sounds to be the same volume - Change Ion Cannons to disable less often. Change fighter ions to never disable large capital ships or battlestations - Remove Torpedo Cruiser and Missile Frigate. Use these models to create dedicated heavy troop transports - Change resource system. "Metal" for construction, "Supplies" for construction and research, and "Credits" for research - Revise "assault" feature. Assault Transports will "transport" all their troops in a single run - Reduce amount of troops on Assault Transports to more realistic levels. Increase troop effecitveness as a result - Change officer requirements across the board - Change initial troops on planets to match standard garrison size (10,000 troops?) - Change Interdictor special weapon. Gravity Wells will now slow down ship speed within the area of effect by 25% - Remove Gravity well effect from Advanced Sensor Arrays. Change name to "CGT Array". Revise cost and build time - Decrease the likelihood of weapons hitting TIE Defender squadrons - Decrease the likelihood of weapons hitting TIE Advanced squadrons - Decrease the likelihood of weapons hitting A-Wing squadrons - New SSD Model


- SW:FC Installation and Gameplay Manual - Add Escort Carrier to Imperials, "Flurry" to NR - Add in a third playable "race" - Add in Heavy Troop Transports (for capturing planets without bombarding them)

Comments? Questions? Snide Remarks? ;)