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2nd September 2006

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#1 12 years ago

i have completed it way faster than i thought i would,,though i still dont have the hardpoint maps i requested,it is still done,though in beta. the ships are only made for free tech,and are all crammed into the normal shipyard,complete with weapons that look similar to what they should. i have also added a limited ammo,weapons and railguns use special energy,and cannot be recharged unless you have somehow made a replenisher as the harmonic defender's special weapons wont work,only the 302,asgard and achilles ships can replenish,the f302 because it should be easily rearmed be aware when you are using those weapons. speaking of weapons,all of the weapons files using are modified by me,but are not made by me,the jumper has drones.the earth capital ships and canon sized and powered chain rail guns and missiles which i hope dont deal only hull damage any more,the 302 has 4 missiles,the jumper has six drones,the hatak can recharge along with the oneil class and the achilles class. i still want permission from greathor,cold park paranoia and several others before i send it in,so please give me permission,the sizes are not done,along with better ammo usage,but all in all,it should work fine and dandy.


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8th March 2005

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#2 12 years ago

You have my permission ;)