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#1 16 years ago

I just started making new A2 maps yesterday. finished my first. When ever I try to play the game A2 randomly chooses where to place a Starbase and two construction ships for the Player 1 and the same for Player 2 except that player two seems to have some battleships. None of the ships or stations I place when making the map show up except for a couple of Ferengi Scavengers..and they do nothing but sit there. When I made the map I placed Fed in one corner under Team 1 and Cards in opposite corner under Team 2. I set ALT-LeftClick Camera_1 in the Fed Corner and Camera_2 in the Card corner. Set all but player 1 and 2 to empty in CTRL-R. I placed roughly the same number of ships and stations under the corresponding Playe # for each side in there corner and some trading stations for each side. but NONE of that shows up on the map. Only the planets, moons, nebulae etc. show up. Attached is the map file. Any hints for someone new to mapping are appreciated. Attached is the map file if you want to take a look. TIA Shayde


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#2 16 years ago

All ships and stations must be added under Player 0 if you want them to be neutral= no crew so you can take them over and use them. If not they'll be whatever races are Player 1-8. If you want Player 1 and Player 2 in a 2-player map to have assets, lay down all objects for Player 1 and change to Player 2 and put those on the map.

Remember as you lay down start points you must be in Player 1 to lay down the camera point and then change to Player 2 for that camera point.

The answer to making start points not all be in the center is easy. Hit Control R for the Map Dialog and in the upper right on the first line click open and scroll to "empty" then save the map. Exit and load again then put default "player" in there and save. That's it. Now you get all starting positions just where you created them.

Sounds like you are following the instructions OK so this is about all I can offer to help. Can't tell anything from the attached file. Dunno.gif