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13th November 2004

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#1 14 years ago

It seems that this section of the forums has just had so many fantastic and sticky-worthy ideas, it was about time it was "cleaned up a little bit". :) For those of you not in the know, a master sticky replaces lots of other sticky's (which are of course all important) and has a compilation of all of them. The one sticky will then make navigation easier and allow you to quickly access the originally stickied threads by clicking on a link below. The rule of "bumping" one of these older stickied threads would not be applied as they're sticky for a reason - to be used! In the future though, in stead of a thread being stickied, it will be added to this one post of the master sticky, labelled clearly. Seeing as only the mods can sticky a thread anyhow, it shouldn't make too much difference to the way things are declared as stickied. Anyhow, without further ado, the threads: [COLOR=black][INDENT]Requests:[/INDENT][/COLOR][COLOR=red]Build Icon, Wireframe, Bitmap Request Thread[/COLOR] - For the purpose of requesting either a Build Button, Wireframe or Bitmap Image. Many files come without these due to external reasons. If you are missing one, and feel that you need it, this would be the place to ask. [COLOR=black][INDENT]Converting, Importing & Exporting:[/INDENT][/COLOR][COLOR=Red]How to Import any .SOD File[/COLOR] - A Tutorial on Importing (and Exporting) .SOD files. These being the actual 'Model' files of the respective ships. [COLOR=red]Gmax, to Milkshape, to .SOD[/COLOR] - Pretty self explanatory. Tells you how to get your model in through various different programs. [COLOR=red].Mod to .SOD Conversions Made Easy[/COLOR] - Found a ship from Starfleet Command I, II or III and would like to see it in Armada I or II, and are up for a challenge, see here on 'what to do'.[INDENT][COLOR=Black]Coding The Game:[/COLOR][/INDENT][COLOR=red]Tutorial: Making Single Player Missions[/COLOR] - Getting bored of them Single Player missions? Feel like editing them or creating your own. This is the perfect place to learn how to do so. [COLOR=red]Easy Way to Start Making Races for Beginners[/COLOR] - So, you've got bored of the standard 6 species and you feel like adding something new. Maybe the Dominion? Maybe a Star Wars side or something completely different. You'll find out most (if not all) you need to know here. [COLOR=black][INDENT]The Fancy Stuff:[/INDENT][/COLOR][COLOR=red]Modding Tips and Tricks[/COLOR] - A few tips and tricks on modding & editing. Some nice Cube Shots here too (just to show you what can be acomplished if you put your mind to it). [COLOR=red]Hints & Tips[/COLOR] - More hints and Tips, this one again being for textures and what you can do to and with them. [COLOR=red]Sprites for Dummies (By Wk15)[/COLOR] - Sprites: Weapons, Glows and other fancy looking details are discussed and acknowledged here. [COLOR=red]Tutorial: How to put Glows on your Models[/COLOR] - Engine Glows? Deflector Glows? This is the place to be if you wish to add them to your ships.