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#1 7 years ago

Recently, I found out that there are three StarGate Packs for Star Trek Bridge Commander and I have downloaded them, I also have a pack with a few ships for Star Trek Legacy. Now I am really hoping that someone can help me convert these into game material for Star Trek Armada II. The mods that I am talking about are by the following people: 1) From Star Trek Legacy

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Credit: 3d models by Kevin Tex by Kevin Testing by Voyagerseven samuel cobanator353

2) Star Trek Bridge Commander - StarGate Packs 1 -3

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Dave975 and DKealt Here is the credits for that mod... Most of the work was done by me (Dave975) and DKealt. The Wraith Dart model was done by Mikala and the Death Glider was made by DaAan. The original model and textures of the Stargates was made by WadeV1589, although improvements were done by me. Thanks to Lost_Jedi and Wowsher for their various pieces of scripting work, and USS_Sovereign for his transport nukes mod and the hyperdrive mod. Original point defence script was made by Defiant and modified by me with his permission. And thanks to everyone else who helped in some way on this project, specifically all the Beta Testers.

It would be great to locate these people and see if they have any models that can be converted to Star Trek Armada II. I happen to have downloaded these mods already as I said and if it was privately done (if someone offered to help me convert them for use in Armada II, they could use the files for themselves too. I have the required credits along with the mods so Credit can and should be given. **** It would be nice if someone here was to still have parts of the not ever released StarGate mods that were already set for Armada II, like the screen shots here on the File Front Forums, many of those screen shots were right from inside the game, so I would believe that some place out in the world, someone has those completed game ready mods and their required files. It would be nice and I think polite if they could share them (or get permission to do so). When it comes to my mod, I am not going to release it ever so if anyone has the mods that I am talking about for Star Trek Armada II, I'd be happy if they were to PM me and see about sharing them over e-mail?