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15th October 2007

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#1 11 years ago

is there any way the transporter can be made to beam crew onto a ship/station/planet without lowering its shields? The Sovereign Class was able to do so, and the Neghvar too in Way of the Warrior.


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#2 11 years ago

Not sure thats ever been tried before. Transporter operations may be hardcoded.


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18th January 2004

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#3 11 years ago

There was a discusion on some odf code over in the FO forumst, i hope im ok to quote it here

Quote from: glenflet on June 14, 2008, 01:08:57 AM I belive that at least 5 should be useful, that how many I think I orginal found, but that was 2 years ago, so I don't rember them all, heres the stuff I've been albe to find again.

healthRate - sets the rate at which the hull is repaired, like shieldrate dose for shields disableShieldsOnTransport - Sets whether shields drop when transporting

These ones don't appear to do any thing from my experiments

  • ShieldPad, Related to Costs and build time etc.
  • fireEventID, Related to weapons
  • VampireEffect, Possibly a classlabel

- ah, you are right, we use healthrate in FO v3 (also in 3PR). haven't noticed it was not used in armada 2 wink.gif

- disableShieldsOnTransport is also not used in armada 2, that is true, but i think that was for a reason wink.gif

- shieldPad can be used with all gameobjects, it expects a float value, the default value if nothing is defined in the odf files is 0.5 . i am not sure what it does, i have tried to track it down once but that was a long time ago and it seems that it is atleast used by armada somehow. for some reason i haven't investigated it further. i will put that on todo smile.gif

- you can use fireEventID with weapon ODFs to define an event. however, it is not used by armada 2 at all wink.gif (although i think we haven't tried with all weapons)

- vampireeffect is used "passively" by borg bore, shield inversion and the resource extraction beam. it cannot be used directly in odfs

Original Source

No body says whether disableShieldsOnTransport = 0 would actually work or where that line would go, maybe you should look into it.

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15th April 2003

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#4 11 years ago

it works :)


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#5 11 years ago

Where would you put the code Line?