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#1 7 years ago

Would changing some values in aniamtion.spr or tex_animation.spr have an effect on how the damage texture looks on a ship? I noticed playing a game that the damage texture on the defiant and bird of prey don't conform to the hull of the ship but sit above it in space and/or through the ship sticking out the top/bottom.

I did delete all the _01.tga and _02.tga after every texture in the RGB folder so only the higher resolution one remainded but I'm not sure if my changed in the sprites folder would affect this? I can't recall off hand but I may have made changes in the explosion.spr as well.

I did some digging and noticed in the damage.spr some of the names of the textures and happened to see that there is a burn1 and burn2 reference but in the textures.rgb folder there is only a burn1 .tga. the burn2 is missing? From what i described above it looks like a burn texture doesn't conform to the ship properly. Has anyone else ever ran across this? And does it matter if there is no burn2.tga even though it's referenced in the damage.spr?