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quite some time ago i was modding star trek armada II and now I want to start again. What I want to do is to make the game as realistic as possible, so for that I think it would be neccessary to make a weapon damage every ship in its way, not only the ship it was ordered to attack. So if for example a photon torpedo misses its target and will hit an other ship, this other ship should be damaged. But this should also be possible for beam weapons. So now my question: How can I make this work i the game?



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I've wondered about that too. After much consideration, I believe the answer is no. As far as I can tell, once a weapon misses (which is calculated when it's fired), it's treated as finished (and only exists as a visual effect). The only way I can conceive this working would be to change all the weapons into a moded version of the Borg's Ultrabeam- as it uses secondary weapons effects through an object file. I don't know how it might work, but it would take some experimentation. Your best bet is trying the several variations of multi-targeting.