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#1 8 years ago

When I was 13, over five years ago I read the BBOM and modded my first ODF. (naturally this was to make the Defiant class incredibly overbalenced.) Under the Alias AdmarilRyan (I couldn't spell when I was 13) I lurked in the community tinkering with things and generally being a right pain for everyone. Due to repeated illness, and last year settling into University after leaving home; I've been unable to come back for a long time, despite numerous attempts to. Major A Payne told me that modding is a bug that never goes away, and as with most things he's right; Armada 2 still excites me just as much as it did when I was little.

Having gained some maturity and my health having improved massively I feel compelled to try again. I still find old DVDs everywhere with my scattered notes, pieces of mods and ideas that I'd love to try again to share with the community.

Naturally I'm rusty and have missed over a year of advancements in modding, in a community that still seems to be going strong. The point of this thread then, is simply me asking.....what big things have I missed, what's changed and what's still the same?


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#2 8 years ago

Welcome back Ryan ;)

Err you aint missed much, check out the 1.2.5 patch project, that's pretty cool... also you can build a mod on fleetops and get even more new stuff.


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13th March 2009

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#3 8 years ago

Fleet Ops is up to v3.1.1 with a new patch on the way. There have been some new ships released, and Jetfreak released what he is calling his final version of the Sovereign. [SHAMELESS_PLUG]A new mod has been started called Halo: Fleet Command! The thread is called "Dinosaur Jr's Halo Mod."[/SHAMELESS_PLUG]


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#4 8 years ago

a2 in general aint changed much but if u do decide to go over to fo then be aware its very different and there are several mods in progress for it (my own concept a3 mod, a mini battlestar galatica mod, Sigma TC, Gamers A3 mod, and a part complete A2->FO mod by me. If i missed any i'm sorry)

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#5 8 years ago

I don't think anything radical has changed over the last year. There is always the relentless march of progress as we try and make a ten year old game look passable by modern standards of graphics.

Other than the obvious, Starbase34.net is a useful link to have, that may not have been around last time you were.

Other than that, we have advanced a fair bit in our understanding of AI's. We now have hard AI's that can kill most humans without cheating.

If you haven't got any overpowered ships in your install, that will give you a run for your money in a 1v1. =p


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#6 8 years ago
"Final" version of the Sovereign

Pfft, hush hush on that. Final? Doom369's nitpicky self doesn't seem to agree. He keeps bugging me on those "CANON" nacelle grille fixes. Just wait until I do my own version. =p

Anyway, some alternate reality content is also available (in -universe term for STXI), such as the new Enterprise. There's even a Miranda derivative.

And Future Wars has been released. Which is over 1GB in size.

Also, welcome back. I'm certain you'll be the more appreciative this time around. ;)


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#7 8 years ago

Thankyou everyone.

The A2 patch project was released just before I left last time, I helped Doca Test it. As for Fleetops, its always an impressive piece of work with a very distinctive style, I personally think it should be left to Doca and Optec to mess with, making a mod on a mod doesn't feel right to me.

As for the AI, it wouldn't be difficult to make an AI that could beat me, but I love the idea of one that frightens Freyr a bit.

I like your newest texture work Jet, it seems quite exceptional now, and its great to see Achilles is still here as everything he does is truly outstanding.