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16th May 2005

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#31 11 years ago

I'd say Apollo. I've never liked the other two designs as you well know Ash, but more importantly, I think that having another weaker ship will help the balence of that period group of ships as the majority of them are powerful cruisers or battleships or indeed the defiant which is in a simular catagory. A cheap, mid cruiser would probably help gameplay more than a heavily armed tactical cruiser like the other two, and indeed it would help the Ambassador seem less out of place than it currently does being the only ship of it's period.


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2nd April 2006

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#32 11 years ago

Yeah what he^ said. ;)


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14th July 2004

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#33 11 years ago

Last Reply, June 12th. I figure there is no point creating a new thread seeing as the topic is the same. Anyway...

Federation Build List Revised: 16/09/07 Buildable Combat Units
  • Excelsior Class (Medium Cruiser)
  • Excelsior Class Refit (Medium Cruiser)
  • Galaxy Class (Exploration Vessel)
  • Galaxy Class Refit(Exploration Vessel)
  • Intrepid Class (Light Cruiser)
  • Defiant Class (Warship)
  • Sabre Class (Destroyer)
  • Steamrunner Class (Light Cruiser)
  • Norway Class (Light Cruiser)
  • Akira Class (Heavy Cruiser)
  • Luna Class (Exploration Vessel) *
  • Sovereign Class (Exploration Vessel) *
Map Combat Units
  • Constitution Class Refit (Exploration Vessel)
  • Miranda Class (Exploration Vessel)
  • Constellation Class (Exploration Vessel)
  • Ambassador Class (Exploration Vessel)
  • Cheyenne Class (Exploration Vessel)
  • Springfield Class (Exploration Vessel)
  • New Orleans Class (Exploration Vessel)
  • Nebula Class - Sensor Pod (Science Ship)
  • Nebula Class - Weapons Pod (Science Ship)
  • Nebula Class - Twin Nacelled Variant (Science Ship)
  • Nova Class (Science Vessel)
Now... that is 23 out of the 24 allowed ships. I have included the Ambassador as it seems more people are in favour of having it, than those who are not. I have however taken it from Playable, and induced it into the Map Category. With this, I've one space left. The ships that could potentially fill this space are as follows:
  • Sydney Class (Transport Vessel)
  • Oberth Class (Science Vessel)
  • Apollo Class (Exploration Vessel)
  • Olympic Class (Science Vessel)
  • Prometheus Class (Tactical Cruiser)
  • Achilles Class (Warship)
Now, I can't decide on which one of these (if any) to have. The Sydney would serve no real purpose, the Oberth & Olympic are Science Ships, and again, would serve no real purpose. I've only included the Nova Class because it is a new 24th century design. The Prometheus & Achilles are again both tricky. I've yet to find a Prometheus model which is low enough in polygons, and even if I did, it seems pointless to have a Prometheus model which can't use the MVAM properly. The Achilles is a pure warship, and is the only non-canon ship the Federation would have. Do I want to spoil their lineup and have a non-canon design? Of course, I don't have to have any of these. I could just stick at 23. The other thing, the Nebula Class (Variant #3), that being the one with an extra two nacelles instead of the Pod, do I have this, or do I not? Community Decision. Feedback is welcomed.

Original Post: Federation Fleet Setup - Majestic Sci-Fi Central Forums I'd really appreciate feedback on this guys and girls. The sooner I get the Federation sorted, the sooner I get onto their stations, and the sooner other stuff happens, then the sooner the project gets released. :) Edit: If anyone has any other designs that they'd like to see, then by all means, let me know. I do ask however that you provide a picture of the ship in question, or at least, a link to it. Those that simply state a Ship Class will be ignored. Sorry, but I've not got time to go scouting the Internet looking for a ship class. I've too much else to do.