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22nd September 2003

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#1 16 years ago

I just bought Half Life: Generations, and im having the exact saem problem! I have installed Half Life, CS, Opposing Force and Blueshift, all normal yeah? Wrong. I bought this game specifally for CS and i cant connect to any game at all :(. I get an error somewhere along the lines of " Cannot contact to VALVe servers with this cd-key" right mmm ok. I have also installed the 1.5 patch for CS. The only installer that acctually asked me for a cd-key was the Opposing Force one. I was supplied with 2 cd-keys, one for Half Life (the origanal) and one for Opposing force. The installer for Half Life didnt ask me for a cd-key. I was really looking foward to jumping in and playing CS but i cant :( If any admin could help me contact me at [email][/email]. Id GLADLY give them my cd key's cus i wanna fix this as quick as possible.


[added Oct 3 2003 12:56PM]

Now i just downloaded steam 1.6 and it wont work either. I get " An I/O error occured while installing this file. This is normally caused by bad installation media or corrupt installation file." Man, this is so confusing!

PLEASE! I am DeSPERATE to play this game, and the way its just there and i cant play it yet, its so annoying! I have enetered the cd-key in for Half Life but the installer for CS did not ask me to enter a cd key for it, and i dont think i was meant to as i was supplied with 2 cd keys. Is that WON thing used for cd-key authetication and if so how do i authenticate my cd key?