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#1 7 years ago

Hey all, kind of new to the A2 modding scene and I have a question that's been bothering me.

Can the AI players in Instant Action use new mod ships? For instance I have the AR Enterprise in the game. If the Federation were one of my opponents, could they build that ship? I didn't think so, but I moved all of the Advanced Shipyard ships (Aegian/Nebula/Galaxy/Sovereign) to the basic Federation ship yard and the AI built and used them, so I was thinking maybe there was some way to make AI use custom ships. Any help is appreciated, and I'm sorry if this issue has already been addressed.


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#2 7 years ago

Yes, the AI can be made to do so.

In order to write this in, you will need to modify the appropriate build list files so that the AI knows to build these craft :).

Path: Armada 2/Data/AI/AIPs {faction name}_build_list {faction name}_defensive_list {faction name}_endgame_list {faction name}_instant_action_build_list {faction name}_offensive_list

More information on how to do that can be found here: Artificial Intelligence - The Hitchhiker's Guide to Fleet Operations

Good luck!

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#3 7 years ago

As Dominus has suggested the necessary files I won't need to go into that. However, I would suggest that you get hold of another mod that already has editings to the AIP files and see how they have been coded.