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#1 13 years ago

I am almost sure that this issue has to deal with opening ports on my router but I can't figure out the correct ones. If you open the help menu in game, it tells you about the 2300..2400 UDP inbound and outbound port and the 6073 TCP inbound and outbound port, but when I open those ports on my router it doesn't fix the problem. I still "Cannot connect to the LAN via TCP/IP" I do not have a firewall running when I try and host a game. All I want to do is host a game so I can play with my bro. What can I do to make this thing work? I appreciate any suggestions that may proceed this post. Vitocomp1


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#2 13 years ago

hello when you are out of the game can you get a connection to the other pc through windows (can you see his shared files on yours) if not this is your problem if not check both pc have the same version on windows and tcp/ip. then hopfully it will work if not contact me on [email=""][/email]