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14th March 2006

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#1 9 years ago

Well hello there everybody:) As some of you probably know, im without a gaming PC at the moment. :bawl: However, I am looking to buy a gaming laptop in the near (ish) future, nothing too flashy, but easily able to run ST Armada and ST Armada2, Milkshape 3d, Paintshop Pro 8/9 etc.. The thing is this; Ive heard so many conflicting things about PC spec and compatibility with ST Armada that I dont really trust myself to spec the thing and get it right.:uhm: Running Armada is important to me, as I think it plays better than Armada2, and Halo:Fleet Command (the forthcoming Halo mod) is for Armada and Armada2 (I cant develop a mod for A1 if my PC wont run it, eh?);) So Im asking this; Anyone, everyone, anybody - share your spec, and maybe a little of the compatibility issues you have (if any). There must be a best of both worlds specification for a PC - that has no compatibility issues with A1, but has the power to run A2 at light speed with all of the high poly, flashy light and hi res beautifulness we have come to love...:confused: over to you guys:bows: (edit) - Budget wiseIm looking to spend around kr.9000,- NOK (roughly £900)

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31st July 2006

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#2 9 years ago

I have a AMD AM2 Athlon 64 dual core processor, a Radeon X1950 pro graphics card and 1024mb R.A.M plus hard disk ect.....

A1: I've not run it for awhile but last time there was some lag and some off the settings need to be changed, I'm not sure whether its Vista or the Graphics card I will take another look and get back to you on this.

A2: I'm also running Windows Vista Premium and bar the U.A.C (stops screenshots going to the right place) I've only had one problem and that's if I change the graphic settings from default it stops A2 working.

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6th February 2005

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#3 9 years ago

I have an AMD Phenom 9950 with 4096MB of RAM, plus a Nvidia 8800GT graphics card. It appears capable of running Armada (2) at full detail without slowdowns.

This computer was the baseline for Vanilla Ultimate and is likely to be for quite a while. (any computer as powerful as this will be ok with any graphical upgrade pack I release, and I think i'm justified in claiming that the latest version of the Upgrade Project is the most graphicially intensive off-the-shelf mod out there at the moment.)

I did play through Armada 1 again a while back, and I don't recall any issues with it.


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2nd September 2006

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#4 9 years ago

I have an intel quad core processor with 4 gigs of ram and a nvidia geforce 8400 card with 512 megs of ram. It runs A1 and A2 fine with windows vista. My laptop has an amd 64 athlon x2 with a sad little nvidia 7000m that unfortunately can't play fleet ops and it has almost a gig (825 megs) of ram dedicated to it! They gave me 2 great cores running at 1.9ghz each but skimped out on my vid card :(

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14th August 2004

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#5 9 years ago

I've got Intel i7 quad, 6 gig ram and the nvidia geforce 9800 GTX+, and Vista 32 bits. Both A1 and A2 work fully, only bug I have is with A1, when I win a mission (stock campain) my screen goes black, and the game crashes. (btw, I think this falls within your budget) On my laptop I have AMD ath 64 X2, 2 gig ram and nvidia geforce 7000m, also Vista 32 bits. A2 works fine, A1 doesn't, I have a problem with the voices.